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WordPress Sage Singleton Service in blade template

I'm starting to develop a Wordpress theme with DDEV + Bedrock + Sage. I have some issues using singleton classes in my blade templates. This is my code so far to wire things together: Singleton Service which should be used anywhere in the Project's Logic final class TestService { public static string $name = "TestService"; private static ?TestService $instance = null; public static function getInstance(): TestService { if (self::$instance === null) { self::$instance = new self(); } return self::$instance; } private function __construct() { } private function __clone() { } public function __wakeup() { throw new Exception("Cannot unserialize singleton"); } public function testMethod() { return true; } } Service provider to make the service available <?php namespace App\Providers; use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider; use App\Services\TestService; class TestServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider { /** * Register services. * * @return void */ public function register() { // Register services in ServiceProviderOne $this->app->singleton("TestService", function () { return TestService::getInstance(); }); } /** * Bootstrap services. * * @return void */ public function boot() { // } } Blade page template which should use the service for some logic and display content accordingly @php $testService = app("TestService"); $isTest = $testService->testMethod(); @endphp @extends('') @section('content') @while(have_posts()) @php(the_post()) @includeFirst(['partials.content-page', 'partials.content']) @endwhile @endsection But the result now is the following error Target class [TestService] does not exist. (View: /var/www/html/web/app/themes/theme/resources/views/test-page.blade.php) Is my setup with the singleton and provider wrong? Did I miss some config?
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