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Is it possible to sell membership plans on a website using shopify?

I have a client who wants to sell memberships on a website that is not a shopify store. They insist on using Shopify to handle the paid membership because they have separate shopify store. I am struggling to determine if this is feasible. The plan is to create a product named "membership" and utilize Appstle […]


How to get response for the FRONTPAGE and CATALOG with Shopify GraphQL API?

I am using the menu query to get the main-menu with Shopify GraphQL API. It returns me menu items and all of that looks good. It contains a menu item of type FRONTPAGE which is the client's Home page. How I can make a query to get the response of the content for that FRONTPAGE/Home […]


how to create laravel shopify theme app extension?

I am facing an issue with creating a Laravel theme app extension. Is there any article or video URL regarding this? I did not find it. Please help & share. I tried shopify docs and some youtube videos. Read some articles as well.


Shopify Version Porto Theme Ver 3.6.1, Need add to cart redirect to cart page with checkout option instead of staying on product page

I am not quite yet a full developer, but am working on a website that sells products. The customer clicks a product They see the product information, and after selecting a size, they click add to cart After clicking add to cart, it notifies them that they added to cart with a quick splash saying […]


Shopify API rest client always returns latest Article record and ignores given handle criteria

const articleResource ={ session, blog_id: myHardcodedBlogId, handle }).then(response => { console.log({handle, response}); }); This piece of code always seems to return the latest created Article. I am pretty sure that this endpoint accepts the handle. I tried to look at the request sent from the networks tab however I see no mention of […]


How to get products of a collection using its handle through shopify predictive ajax api? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed yesterday. Improve this question I have created a theme app extension for my Shopify store. I want to fetch all the products of a collection using […]


Is it possible to use useStorage() hook in shopify's webpixel api

I am new to shopify and struggling to implement useStorage() as there does not seem to be much of an example on the net. It is a react hook but I could not find where to include it from. I see several related APIs listed at the bottom of the documentation The below does not […]


Deploy Shopify App in Cloudways – Remix Template

Good day, everyone! I have a question regarding Shopify App deployment (remix template) I know that I can deploy it in either Heroku and And from what I read in the documentation, It possible to deploy it in other hosting services. So, right now I am trying to deploy it in Cloudways. But the […]


Unable to run Shopify Theme App Extension

I have a Shopify Remix App running perfectly with npm run dev However when I follow this guide to generate Theme app extnsion: And run npm run shopify app generate extension It does not work anymore I already tried this but it does not solve the issue


Shopify 401 Authentication issue Upload

I've created a private app in the Shopify Admin area. Download and upload work fine in Postman, but from my server, only the download works. When trying to upload data, I receive a 401 status code, and the shop data (categories) remain unchanged. Can anyone tell me what might be causing this? Could it be […]

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