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WordPress Bricks Builder Dynamically Fill Select Options

Bricks builder for Wordpress has an option to echo a function as dynamic content for form fields. I need to offer users a choice of dates from the next 6 days. I have a select field and the following function: function generate_date_options() { $date_options = array(); // Generate dates for the next six days for ($i = 0; $i < 6; $i++) { $date = date('Y-m-d', strtotime("+$i days")); $formatted_date = date('F j, Y', strtotime("+$i days")); $date_options[$formatted_date] = $formatted_date; } return $date_options; } This function returns a list of the next 6 dates. I want each date to be an option in the select field. But instead they are all listed on a single line separated by comas as the single select option. The function is defined in a child theme function.php and can be called using {echo: generate_date_options()}. The Date/Time picker would be ideal but does not allow narrowing of the range of dates available to just the next 6 days. Any ideas on this method or an alternative gratefully received.
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