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I added the "news" category to the menu on the wordpress site and now it is displayed at I did not create a separate page for displaying the category, but the archive.php template is used. How do I set as frontpage?
To set a specific category archive page as the front page on WordPress, you can follow these steps: Create a Page: Go to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to "Pages" and create a new page. You can name it whatever you like, for example, "News." Assign the Category to the Page: In the page editor, find the "Page Attributes" box. Look for the "Template" dropdown menu and select "Archives" or "Default Template." This will ensure that the page uses the archive.php template. Save the Page: Publish or update the page. Set the Page as the Front Page: Go to "Settings" in the WordPress dashboard. Click on "Reading." In the "Front page displays" section, select "A static page." From the "Front page" dropdown, choose the page you created in step 2. Save Changes: Don't forget to save your changes. Now, when visitors go to your site, they will see the category archive page you specified as the front page. Please note that this approach assumes your theme uses standard WordPress templates. If your theme has custom templates or options, you may need to consult the theme documentation or contact the theme's support for specific guidance. Additionally, keep in mind that modifying the front page may affect the overall navigation and structure of your website, so test thoroughly to ensure everything works as expected.

December 30, 2023

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