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I need someone's help with an issue I'm having... So I recently ordered from a store called ( I attempted to reach out to the owner or whoever I could with the email + phone number that was provided but the phone number goes straight to voice mail and the email is invalid. Now I'm starting to get suspicious and most likely should have looked into this before spending money. So I'm wondering how to get shopify or whoever can help me to investigate the store to make sure that it's not a scam & that it's still active. I tried to use shopify support to report the issue but then I got a message saying I have to wait 30 days so I'm not even sure if it went through to them or not. Any help would be great, thank you ?
I just ordered from that site as well. Which location were you dealing with? Please keep this post updated. Now you've got me freaking out a little

December 29, 2023

I'm in America and the "address" they provided is 6 states away from me. I ordered the 5600W 50 mph black scooter. I'll keep this post updated and let you know what happens in the future...

December 29, 2023

I have 1 update. so I spoke with shopify support (real person) and this is what he told me after viewing the website himself. "Oh I see, thank you so much for letting me know that, No worries, you have me here, I was able to review their account here, and it seems that this store is active, however, the Holidays may be the reason for their delay since this is one of the problems of some store owners in this season, though, they should've posted a note about this in their store so that their customers won't worry. To extend my help and effort for you, I was able to send them an email about this, however, since, I can only access the back-end of their account and not the actual admin, I wasn't able to check it directly, so I also cannot guarantee a response from them. What I suggest you, is if you could give just a couple of days, however, it is still up to you, since this is your order and not your fault, so what I suggest is you gather all your evidence that the order is not moving and without any process since you ordered it and then screenshots of their Contact details being invalid so that in case you will need to file a Chargeback to this store to your Bank or Credit Card issuer for you, the refund will be easy at your end." That's all I have, you do what you must do with this information (wait a few days or instantly let your bank know)

December 29, 2023

If you have a way of cancelling the order. I would cancel. If you can't, then contact your bank for fraud. The email doesn't work because they don't even own which is why they have a '' domain ending. The address is not a real address, the site is just a bunch of drop ship bikes with a lot of them priced way too low to make a profit. I will see if I can dig deeper to find more info. Beaux Barker Developer

December 29, 2023

I'll let my bank know and see if they can dispute the charge (no way to cancel, they say for refunds you have to email them which...yeah lmao). but thanks for your help, I appreciate it a ton.

December 29, 2023

That's what happening mostly, people order from websites that has "shopify" markings, it doesn't mean that you have purchased from them directly. Shopify is simply a website provider or hosting however you wan to call them. So you should contact owner who opened the store. In case zing peak the owner of the store doesn't respond then you should call shopify to identify what is happening with this website, then they will do steps. Usually store will count negative points and will be suspended pretty soon.

December 29, 2023

I'll make sure to do this as soon as possible, Thank you for the helpful feedback...

December 29, 2023

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