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I edited my WordPress site's header.php file and when I reverted changes my site broke

The problem first appeared because I tried to add a Google tag from Google Ads into my header.php file. That didn't work, so I reverted the changes I made, removing all that I added in, but now the site shows at the top, a line of code that depends on the page where I am in. For example, in the home page: class="home page-template-default page page-id-2 theme-organic-beauty woocommerce-no-js organic_beauty_body body_style_wide body_filled article_style_stretch layout_single-standard template_single-standard scheme_original top_panel_show top_panel_above sidebar_hide wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-6.13.0 vc_responsive"> Or in another page: class="archive tax-product_cat term-sapunuri term-77 theme-organic-beauty woocommerce woocommerce-page woocommerce-no-js organic_beauty_body body_style_wide body_filled article_style_stretch layout_excerpt template_excerpt scheme_original top_panel_show top_panel_above sidebar_show sidebar_right wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-6.13.0 vc_responsive"> The main menu went missing (login, register, about, etc.) - it was a green bar at the top; also an image disappeared from under where the main menu should've been. I tried to Ctrl+F some of these in many .php files, including header.php but didn't find where they come from. Furthermore, today, when trying to repair said mistake, I removed a ">", saw it broke the formatting, added it back, and the formatting is still broken. I do not understand why it didn't revert to how it was before. The ">" I removed and added back is in the following code, bolded (in case it doesn't work, it's the second closing one, on the third line: <body> <?php body_class(); ?>**>** <?php wp_body_open(); ?> <?php do_action( 'before' ); ?> z <?php get_template_part(organic_beauty_get_file_slug('sidebar_outer.php')); ?> I also didn't make a backup because the changes were small and I didn't think they would cause this big of a problem. How can I fix this? Can I recover an older version of the file and restore it somehow? Attaching header.php file below: <?php /** * The Header for our theme. */ ?><!DOCTYPE html> <html <?php language_attributes(); ?> class="<?php // Add class 'scheme_xxx' into <html> because it used as context for the body classes! $body_scheme = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('body_scheme'); if (empty($body_scheme) || organic_beauty_is_inherit_option($body_scheme)) $body_scheme = 'original'; echo 'scheme_' . esc_attr($body_scheme); ?>"> <head> <?php wp_head(); ?> </head> <body> <?php body_class(); ?>> <?php wp_body_open(); ?> <?php do_action( 'before' ); ?> <?php get_template_part(organic_beauty_get_file_slug('sidebar_outer.php')); ?> <?php $body_style = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('body_style'); $class = $style = ''; if (organic_beauty_get_custom_option('bg_custom')=='yes' && ($body_style=='boxed' || organic_beauty_get_custom_option('bg_image_load')=='always')) { if (($img = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('bg_image_custom')) != '') $style = 'background: url('.esc_url($img).') ' . str_replace('_', ' ', organic_beauty_get_custom_option('bg_image_custom_position')) . ' no-repeat fixed;'; else if (($img = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('bg_pattern_custom')) != '') $style = 'background: url('.esc_url($img).') 0 0 repeat fixed;'; else if (($img = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('bg_image')) > 0) $class = 'bg_image_'.($img); else if (($img = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('bg_pattern')) > 0) $class = 'bg_pattern_'.($img); if (($img = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('bg_color')) != '') $style .= 'background-color: '.($img).';'; } ?> <div class="body_wrap<?php echo !empty($class) ? ' '.esc_attr($class) : ''; ?>"<?php echo !empty($style) ? ' style="'.esc_attr($style).'"' : ''; ?>> <?php $video_bg_show = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('show_video_bg')=='yes'; $youtube = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('video_bg_youtube_code'); $video = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('video_bg_url'); $overlay = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('video_bg_overlay')=='yes'; if ($video_bg_show && (!empty($youtube) || !empty($video))) { if (!empty($youtube)) { ?> <div class="video_bg<?php echo !empty($overlay) ? ' video_bg_overlay' : ''; ?>" data-youtube-code="<?php echo esc_attr($youtube); ?>"></div> <?php } else if (!empty($video)) { $info = pathinfo($video); $ext = !empty($info['extension']) ? $info['extension'] : 'src'; ?> <div class="video_bg<?php echo !empty($overlay) ? ' video_bg_overlay' : ''; ?>"><video class="video_bg_tag" width="1280" height="720" data-width="1280" data-height="720" data-ratio="16:9" preload="metadata" autoplay loop src="<?php echo esc_url($video); ?>"><source src="<?php echo esc_url($video); ?>" type="video/<?php echo esc_attr($ext); ?>"></source></video></div> <?php } } ?> <div class="page_wrap"> <?php $top_panel_style = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('top_panel_style'); $top_panel_position = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('top_panel_position'); $top_panel_scheme = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('top_panel_scheme'); // Top panel 'Above' or 'Over' if (in_array($top_panel_position, array('above', 'over'))) { organic_beauty_show_post_layout(array( 'layout' => $top_panel_style, 'position' => $top_panel_position, 'scheme' => $top_panel_scheme ), false); // Mobile Menu get_template_part(organic_beauty_get_file_slug('templates/headers/_parts/header-mobile.php')); } // Slider get_template_part(organic_beauty_get_file_slug('templates/headers/_parts/slider.php')); // Top panel 'Below' if ($top_panel_position == 'below') { organic_beauty_show_post_layout(array( 'layout' => $top_panel_style, 'position' => $top_panel_position, 'scheme' => $top_panel_scheme ), false); // Mobile Menu get_template_part(organic_beauty_get_file_slug('templates/headers/_parts/header-mobile.php')); } // Top of page section: page title and breadcrumbs $show_title = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('show_page_title')=='yes' && !is_home() && !is_front_page(); $show_navi = apply_filters('organic_beauty_filter_show_post_navi', false); $show_breadcrumbs = organic_beauty_get_custom_option('show_breadcrumbs')=='yes' && !is_home() && !is_front_page(); if ($show_title || $show_breadcrumbs) { ?> <div class="top_panel_title top_panel_style_<?php echo esc_attr(str_replace('header_', '', $top_panel_style)); ?> <?php echo (!empty($show_title) ? ' title_present'. ($show_navi ? ' navi_present' : '') : '') . (!empty($show_breadcrumbs) ? ' breadcrumbs_present' : ''); ?> scheme_<?php echo esc_attr($top_panel_scheme); ?>"> <div class="top_panel_title_inner top_panel_inner_style_<?php echo esc_attr(str_replace('header_', '', $top_panel_style)); ?> <?php echo (!empty($show_title) ? ' title_present_inner' : '') . (!empty($show_breadcrumbs) ? ' breadcrumbs_present_inner' : ''); ?>"> <div class="content_wrap"> <?php if ($show_title) { if ($show_navi) { ?><div class="post_navi"><?php previous_post_link( '<span class="post_navi_item post_navi_prev">%link</span>', '%title', true, '', 'product_cat' ); next_post_link( '<span class="post_navi_item post_navi_next">%link</span>', '%title', true, '', 'product_cat' ); ?></div><?php } else { ?><h1 class="page_title"><?php echo wp_kses_post(organic_beauty_get_blog_title()); ?></h1><?php } } if ($show_breadcrumbs) { ?><div class="breadcrumbs"><?php if (!is_404()) organic_beauty_show_breadcrumbs(); ?></div><?php } ?> </div> </div> </div> <?php } ?> <div class="page_content_wrap page_paddings_<?php echo esc_attr(organic_beauty_get_custom_option('body_paddings')); ?>"> <?php // Content and sidebar wrapper if ($body_style!='fullscreen') organic_beauty_open_wrapper('<div class="content_wrap">'); // Main content wrapper organic_beauty_open_wrapper('<div class="content">'); ?> Link to site: Edit: text issue fixed (thank you CBroe) Edit: in other pages except for Home, the main menu is showing, however this is probably still from the header file because I tried to restore an older version of Home and it's the same
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