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How to get the globally unique identifier of a Shopify store using GraphQL

I am trying to get the shopID using a GraphQL. I can get the value using a GraphQL app but when I run the query through a function I get null. export async function getShopId(admin) { // Your GraphQL query to get the shop ID const GET_SHOP_ID = ` { shop { id } } `; try { // Execute the GraphQL query using the admin object const { data, errors } = await admin(GET_SHOP_ID); if (errors) { // Handle errors if the query fails console.error('Error fetching shop ID:', errors); return null; } // Access the shop ID from the query response const shopId = data?.shop?.id; console.log(data); if (!shopId) { // Handle the case where shop ID is not available console.error('Shop ID not found in the GraphQL response.'); return null; } return shopId; } catch (error) { console.error('Error in getShopId:', error); return null; } } I am calling this function through a loader so the admin and the graphql should exist but I keep getting null. Here is the loader export async function loader({ request, params }) { const { admin, session } = await authenticate.admin(request); const { shop } = session; const graphql = admin.graphql; // Example: Fetching shop ID using getShopId const shopIdm = await getShopId(graphql); console.log("shopId-->" + shopIdm); return null }
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