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How to establish Multi Domain Google SSO between NodeJS app and WordPress

I have Google SSO implemented in ReactJS/ExpressJS App and I want to make the user when logs in this Node App to be registered as well in the WordPress website I have here in this section the data that comes from React to ExpressJS and that works fine, so I want to when the user register/login to be directed to another WP website and find him self registered there also, I added another rule in but it doesn't work"/login", googleLogin, secondGoogle); export async function googleLogin(req, res) { try { const { body } = req; // await verifyGoogle(); // After successfully creating tshe user, send the data to Zapier const zapierResponse = await'', { name:, email:, date: new Date().toISOString() // Current date in ISO format }); // Check if the Zapier webhook call was successful if (zapierResponse.status !== 200) { console.error('Failed to send data to Zapier',; } const { user: googleUser } = body; let user = await userModel.findOne({ email: }); if (!user) { user = await createUser(googleUser); } const token = await createToken(user, process.env.JWT_SECRET, '7d'); res.redirect(""); // I added this but doesn't work return res.json({ token }); } catch (error) { console.error(error); return res.status(500).json({ message: "Internal Server Error" }); // Improved error message } } WordPress // In your WordPress plugin or theme's functions.php // Add an endpoint to handle token-based authentication add_action('rest_api_init', function () { register_rest_route('custom-plugin', '/authenticate', array( 'methods' => 'POST', 'callback' => 'authenticate_user', )); }); // Callback function for handling authentication function authenticate_user($request) { $data = $request->get_json_params(); // Implement your WordPress authentication logic here // Check if the provided token is valid if ($token_is_valid) { return rest_ensure_response(array('message' => 'Authentication successful')); } else { return rest_ensure_response(array('error' => 'Invalid token'), 401); } }
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