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how to access values in array of object in custom liquid shopify, this array of object is added in metafields of product

I have added an array of object in product metafields like below: const response = await client.query({ data: { "query": `mutation updateProductMetafields($input: ProductInput!) { productUpdate(input: $input) { product { id metafields(first: 3) { edges { node { id namespace key value } } } } userErrors { message field } } }`, "variables": { "input": { "metafields": [ { "namespace": "my_field", "key": "faq", "type": "json", "value": "{\"objects\": [{\"question\": \"test 1\", \"answer\": \"yes I'm test 1\"}, {\"question\": \"test 2\", \"answer\": \"yes I'm test 2\"}] }" } ], "id": "gid://shopify/Product/435353534" } }, } }); Now I want to access these in my custom liquid, I tried accessing it but nothing is shown {% assign product_metafields = product.metafields.my_field.faq -%} {% for object in product_metafields.objects %} <p>Question: {{ object.question }}</p> <p>Answer: {{ object.answer }}</p> {% endfor %} Kindly tell me where the issue is.
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