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How can I getting only the number id of the product in shopify using graphql and laravel app

This is my route, Route::get('/carts/{numericProductID}', 'App\Http\Controllers\ShopifyController@showProductDetails') ->name('showProductDetails'); This is the link to redirect to another page to show/fetch the details of the selected product. <a href="{{ route('showProductDetails', ['numericProductID' => $product['node']['id']]) }}">View Details</a>
try this use Shopify; use Illuminate\Http\Request; public function showProductDetails(Request $request, $numericProductID) { // Build your GraphQL query to fetch the product details $query = <<<GRAPHQL { product(id: $numericProductID) { id title # Add other fields you want to retrieve } } GRAPHQL; // Make the GraphQL request to Shopify $response = Shopify::graph($query); // Parse the response JSON $productData = json_decode($response->getBody(), true); // Extract the numeric product ID $numericID = $productData['data']['product']['id']; // You can now use $numericID in your view or return it as needed // For example, return a view with the product details return view('product_details', ['product' => $productData['data']['product']]); } in view file <a href="{{ route('showProductDetails', ['numericProductID' => $product['id']]) }}">View Details</a>

December 30, 2023

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