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Deploying minified React and CSS bundles with Webpack for embed in external website

I'm trying to deploy a Wordpress plugin (but could be anywhere really) that embeds a React component (think floating chatbot bubble). I enqueue the scripts in PHP: $js_bundle_url = '' $css_bundle_url = '' wp_enqueue_script('js-bundle', $js_bundle_url, array(), null, true); wp_enqueue_style( 'css-bundle', $css_bundle_url, [], null, 'all' ); This is my Webpack config: module.exports = (env, argv) => { const isDev = argv.mode === "development"; const nodeModulesDir = path.resolve(__dirname, "node_modules"); const localhostOutput = { path: path.resolve("./frontend/webpack_bundles/"), publicPath: "http://localhost:3000/frontend/webpack_bundles/", filename: "[name].js", }; const productionOutput = { path: path.resolve("./frontend/webpack_bundles/"), publicPath: "auto", filename: "[name].js", }; return { mode: isDev ? "development" : "production", devtool: "source-map", // ... skipped for brevity plugins: [ !isDev && new MiniCssExtractPlugin({ filename: "[name]-[chunkhash].css" }), isDev && new ReactRefreshWebpackPlugin(), new BundleTracker({ path: __dirname, filename: "webpack-stats.json", }), ].filter(Boolean), // ... } } Each time I deploy the React (and Django) app on (by pushing to main, and having it autodeploy - but could be any cloud deployment), I have to change the URLs for these bundles, based on inspecting the code source and getting them there (I made a Wordpress plugin setting so atleast I can change it there), as they get recompiled (and renamed, I assume for caching reasons). For local development it works perfectly fine with the url for the js bundle not containing the hash, only 'main.js'. Is there any way I could get these dynamically? So the Wordpress plugin updates automatically as soon as I deploy it on Render (or any other platform)? Could I have some kind of static url for these bundles that redirects to the chunkhash-named ones? Is there a better approach to this? Previously I had it implemented via an iFrame - but this was not as good, as it did not integrate with the site well (no clicking through, dynamic placements in the DOM, ...).
There are a couple things you can do to help: Remove the -[chunkhash] part of the file names so they always compile to the same name. Output a manifest.json file with the Webpack plugin webpack-manifest-plugin and then parse it for the updated filenames to enqueue.

February 13, 2024

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