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Create new gutenberg block basing on the core block

I want to create a custom gutenberg block but it should be a core block with additional text at the end. It is just example but let's say I want a new block working just like core/paragraph but it will render additional "test" string at the end. import { registerBlockType } from '@wordpress/blocks'; import { __ } from '@wordpress/i18n'; import { Panel, PanelBody, PanelRow } from '@wordpress/components'; import { useBlockProps, InnerBlocks, InspectorControls } from '@wordpress/block-editor'; import metadata from '../../config/extended-block.json'; registerBlockType( metadata, { edit: ( { attributes, setAttributes } ) => { const blockProps = useBlockProps( { className: "test_extended", style: { /* some styles based on attributes */ } } ); return <div { ...blockProps }> <InspectorControls key="settings" group="styles"> <Panel> <PanelBody title={ __( "atribute name", "test" ) } initialOpen={ false }> <PanelRow> <fieldset> {/* Some controls for changing attributes, color pallete or something */} </fieldset> </PanelRow> </PanelBody> </Panel> </InspectorControls> <div className='test_extended'> <InnerBlocks /> </div> </div> }, save: ( {attributes} ) => { const blockProps = { className: "test_extended", style: { /* some styles based on attributes */ } } ); return <div {...blockProps}> <div className='test_extended'> <InnerBlocks /> </div> </div> } } ); This is the code I use to build and register new gutenberg block. What should I do if test/extended-block is just like core/paragraph or core/group but with some additional options?
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