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wp-admin not working after changing php from version 7.2 to 7.4 on WordPress [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. This will help others answer the question. Closed 2 days ago. Improve this question I decided to install (update) plugins and themes on WP, I see that some plugins are not installed because the supported version of my hosting provider PHP 7.2 does not meet the requirements for installing plugins and updates. I wrote to my hosting provider to add PHP 7.4 to my admin panel. Going to ISP Manager I saw that yes indeed 7.4 appeared, I immediately went to change the version to 7.4. Then I see that the site is all functioning without problems. I decided to try to go to wp-admin, but after water login and password, I received just 404 error that the page is not there, although authorisation in wp-admin was, but the admin I did not see. I decided to return the old version of PHP 7.2 and the admin panel immediately worked without any problems. I disabled all plugins that were installed, and decided to change back to version 7.4 but the result is the same. Hosting assures that he has everything fine with PHP 7.4 everything is fine, the problem is only in my WP.
The issue is coming from your theme or plugins, since Wordpress currently supports PHP 7.4 and for testing the issue first disable all of your plugins just by changing the name of the plugin folder in this path: wp-content/plugins if the issue still exists the issue is coming from your theme you need to rename your theme name in this path wp-content/themes/your-theme-name and most probably you would be able to access wp-admin and just need to enable all plugins one by one and your theme to understand the issue is coming from which plugin or theme

January 27, 2024

A PHP upgrade can be completed in 2 clicks from almost any hosting panel. That being said, this won't fix any code that is not compatible... that is your current issue. Your website is probably triggering "Error 500" which means the code triggers fatal errors... and nothing works. When upgrading PHP, you should create a copy of your website to avoid breaking your live website. Once you have your copy on a development server, you should activate the debugging mode to log all errors in a file. Then, you can analyze the logs to fix the problems. If you are not an experienced WordPress developer, that could be hard (or impossible!) to do. To activate debug and find out about error 500 in WordPress as explained in detail on our website: define( 'WP_DEBUG' , true ); define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG' , true ); define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY' , false ); define( 'SCRIPT_DEBUG' , true ); define( 'SAVEQUERIES' , true ); define( 'IMPORT_DEBUG' , true ); @ini_set( 'display_errors' , 0 ); This code must be added in wp-config.php and will write all debugging log in wp-content/debug.log. Look up for FATAL ERROR in the log file and then you can investigate and fix. As a WordPress expert, I've seen scenarios where you do not see a plugin update because it is not compatible with your PHP version. But you cannot switch to a newer PHP version because the current version of your plugin is not compatible with it. It could be a chicken-and-egg problem. Solving such issue might require to manually edit the database and is something that I can't explain in details in this answer.

January 27, 2024

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