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WordPress Shortcode not Updating Page for Logged Out Users

I have written a very short PHP snippet which works absolutely fine when I am logged in to the site, but which doesn't update the content for logged out users. The code reads simple text files listed on the server and concatenates the strings together. The code is as follows: // function that runs when shortcode is called function php_hybridiser() { $f_contents = file("/home/aegiswebdesign/htdocs/"); $line = $f_contents[array_rand($f_contents)]; $item_1 = $line; $f_contents = file("/home/aegiswebdesign/htdocs/"); $line = $f_contents[array_rand($f_contents)]; $item_2 = $line; $hybridiser = $item_1 . " " . $item_2; return $hybridiser; } // register shortcode add_shortcode('hybridiser', 'php_hybridiser'); I assume this has to do with the permissions of logged out users to access the files on the server, but I'm really not sure how to check what permissions the function has regarding the files, or for that matter why it seems to be caching a version of the function but not refreshing it. Function is here, using Wordpress to generate the site and Code Snippets to create the shortcode. Otherwise I can post details of all the other plugins running if that would be helpful?
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