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WordPress child theme widget customization – Eduma

I'm in a bit of a struggle at the moment so I could use some help. The thing is, I need to fix some fields for registration in the Eduma theme Eduma theme has it's own child theme called Eduma-child, and it's using plugins like Thimpress and Learnpress As I understand, when you want to make changes, you copy files from the parent theme into the child theme and make customizations in there, but after I copied contents of: /eduma/inc/widgets/login-popup /eduma/inc/widgets/login-form /eduma/inc/widgets/form-login-register.php into the child theme and made changes, I can't see the changes. This is what I did afterwards to confirm what is loaded: I echoed "This is parent theme" in login-popup/base.php in parent theme and "This is child theme" in /login-popup/base.php in Child theme Echoed "Parent theme" in form-login-register.php in parent theme and "Child theme" in child theme The result: I only see "This is parent theme" and "Parent theme" Can someone please explain how this works as I'm baffled by the Wordpress customisation and I'm in a bit of a hurry. I looked around, googled and it seems to me that widgets aren't customizable in a way like templates are?
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