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woocommerce stripe grab payment method right before processing payment

I have this script. It validates card and attaches payment method to input field. async function handleSubmit(e) { e.preventDefault(); const { setupIntent, error } = await stripe.confirmSetup({ elements, confirmParams: { return_url: "", }, redirect: 'if_required' }); if(error){ if (error.type === "card_error" || error.type === "validation_error") { showMessage(error.message); } else { showMessage("An unexpected error occurred."); } } else { let payment_form = document.querySelector("#stripe_form_checkout") var hiddenInput = document.createElement("input"); hiddenInput.setAttribute('type', 'hidden'); hiddenInput.setAttribute('name', 'paymentMethod'); hiddenInput.setAttribute('value', setupIntent.payment_method); payment_form.appendChild(hiddenInput); } } The problem with that is in process_payment function on first submit it doesn't detect the input value, but on second submit it detects. Maybe there's some woocommerce hook that would wait for payment method before processing the payment? public function process_payment( $order_id ) { $order = wc_get_order( $order_id ); $paymentMethod = $_POST['paymentMethod']; ...
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