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WooCommerce – Invalid signature – provided signature does not match when passing "after" parameter

Solved it: Looks like "after" was supposed to be passed in $parameters and in the query too, but not encoded. foreach ($parameters as $key => $value) { $encodedParams[rawurlencode($key)] = $key == "after" ? $value : rawurlencode($value); } After doing above the filter now works. below is the code I am using to fetch orders from WooCommerce. I did it as described in the documentation and it works perfectly fine. However, I am trying to get orders which are created only after certain date but when I try to pass in "after" parameter I get 401 Error saying "Invalid signature - provided signature does not match.". I don't understand how should I pass in the "after" parameter and generate signature so it works. Also, if there's better way of generating the signature, please let me know! I appreciate any help provided. $http_method = "GET"; $request_url = ""; $parameters = [ "oauth_consumer_key" => "ck_example", "oauth_timestamp" => time(), "oauth_nonce" => md5(mt_rand()), "oauth_signature_method" => "HMAC-SHA1", "oauth_version" => "1.0", ]; $encodedParams = []; foreach ($parameters as $key => $value) { $encodedParams[rawurlencode($key)] = rawurlencode($value); } uksort($encodedParams, "strcmp"); $base = strtoupper($http_method) . "&" . rawurlencode($request_url) . "&" . rawurlencode(http_build_query($encodedParams)); $key = rawurlencode("cs_example") . "&"; $signature = base64_encode(hash_hmac("sha1", $base, $key, true)); $encodedParams["signature"] = $signature; $header = "OAuth oauth_consumer_key=\"{$encodedParams["oauth_consumer_key"]}\",oauth_signature_method=\"{$encodedParams["oauth_signature_method"]}\",oauth_timestamp=\"{$encodedParams["oauth_timestamp"]}\",oauth_nonce=\"{$encodedParams["oauth_nonce"]}\",oauth_version=\"{$encodedParams["oauth_version"]}\",oauth_signature=\"{$encodedParams["signature"]}\""; $response = Http::withHeaders([ "Authorization" => $header, "Content-Type" => "application/json" ])->get($request_url); $response->json(); I tried passing it as a parameter in $parameters array and/or passing it as a query parameter in get() but it doesn't seem to do the trick. Also, tried including it in the $request_url and adding it to parameters as well but I still get Invalid Signature 401 Error. Update: If I do it like below I get Invalid Signature error but if I pass in ["after" => $encodedParams["after"]] in query I get "Invalid parameter(s): after". $parameters = [ "oauth_consumer_key" => "", "oauth_timestamp" => time(), "oauth_nonce" => md5(mt_rand()), "oauth_signature_method" => "HMAC-SHA1", "oauth_version" => "1.0", "after" => "2024-01-10 09:45:17" ]; ... $response = Http::withHeaders([ "Authorization" => $header, "Content-Type" => "application/json" ])->get($request_url, ["after" => $parameters["after"]]);
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