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Woocommerce – Add free gift for every X amount spent in selected categories

On our Woocommerce store, we want to give buyers a Free Gift for every $50 spent in selected categories - below is our code in functions.php, it works but not exactly good enough. The problem that we face now is that when the buyer spends $50.50 or $51 or $52, Woocommerce does not add the Free Gift into the cart. Instead, Woocommerce will only add it when the amount is slightly more, like $57 or more, or when there is additional product quantities above the $50 target. The code's current problem is that it does not kick in and add 1 Free Gift when the target spend of $50 is met Please help ``` // Free Gift - Auto Add To Cart // add_action('woocommerce_before_calculate_totals' , 'freegift_q12024', 10, 1); function freegift_q12024( $cart_object ){ global $woocommerce; if ( is_admin() && ! defined( 'DOING_AJAX' ) ) return; $category_slug=array('categoryA', 'categoryB', 'categoryC', 'categoryD', 'categoryE', 'categoryF'); // Category slugs $product_gifted_id=54657; // Gift Product ID $gift_on_spent=50; // Every X Spend $total_gift=0; $total_gift_exits=0; $total_sub_gift=0; $cart_items_total = 0; // Initializing foreach ($cart_object->get_cart() as $key => $cart_item) { if ( has_term( $category_slug, 'product_cat', $cart_item['product_id'] ) ) { if($cart_item['product_id']!=$product_gifted_id){ $total_sub_gift=$total_sub_gift+$cart_item['line_total']; } if($cart_item['product_id']=$product_gifted_id){ $total_gift_exits=$cart_item['quantity']; } } } if($total_sub_gift>0){ $total_gift=floor(($total_sub_gift/$gift_on_spent)); } if($total_gift_exits!=$total_gift){ $product_gifted_cart_id = WC()->cart->generate_cart_id( $product_gifted_id ); $product_gifted_in_cart = WC()->cart->find_product_in_cart( $product_gifted_cart_id ); if ($product_gifted_in_cart ){ WC()->cart->remove_cart_item( $product_gifted_in_cart ); } $product_cart_id = WC()->cart->generate_cart_id( $product_gifted_id ); if( ! WC()->cart->find_product_in_cart( $product_cart_id ) ){ if ($total_gift>0){ WC()->cart->add_to_cart( $product_gifted_id,$total_gift);} } } if($total_gift>0){ foreach ($cart_object->get_cart() as $key => $cart_item) { if($cart_item['product_id']==$product_gifted_id){ $cart_item['data']->set_price(0); $cart_item['data']->set_regular_price(0); } } } } // Free Gift - Disable remove from cart // add_filter('woocommerce_cart_item_remove_link', 'freegift_q12024_noremovefromcart', 20, 2 ); function freegift_q12024_noremovefromcart( $button_link, $cart_item_key ){ //SET HERE your specific products IDs $targeted_products_ids = array(54657); // Get the current cart item $cart_item = WC()->cart->get_cart()[$cart_item_key]; // If the targeted product is in cart we remove the button link if( in_array($cart_item['data']->get_id(), $targeted_products_ids) ) $button_link = ''; return $button_link; } ``` The code above works - it will auto-add the Free Gift, but the problem is that it won't auto-add at the exact $50 spend target and needs more spending or item quantity in order to initialize (which is the problem)
The issue you're encountering with your WooCommerce code for adding a gift seems to be related to the calculation of the total amount spent here is the portion of your code you should change and try if (is_admin() && !defined('DOING_AJAX')) return; $category_slug = array('categoryA', 'categoryB', 'categoryC', 'categoryD', 'categoryE', 'categoryF'); // Category slugs $product_gifted_id = 54657; // Gift Product ID $gift_on_spent = 50; // Every X Spend $total_gift = 0; $total_gift_exits = 0; $total_sub_gift = 0; foreach ($cart_object->get_cart() as $cart_item) { if (has_term($category_slug, 'product_cat', $cart_item['product_id'])) { if($cart_item['product_id'] != $product_gifted_id){ $total_sub_gift += $cart_item['line_total']; } if($cart_item['product_id'] == $product_gifted_id){ $total_gift_exits = $cart_item['quantity']; } } } if($total_sub_gift >= $gift_on_spent){ // Change from > to >= to include exact $50 $total_gift = floor($total_sub_gift / $gift_on_spent); }

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