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Why is my actionData undefined in my Shopify app?

Here is my app._index.jsx, everything is showing up fine but my actionData is always undefined. I've added a bunch of logging to find the culprit, but i am just not seeing it. The query runs fine and returns data. Perhaps i am not fully understanding how to use action data? import { Page, Text, VerticalStack, Card, List, Checkbox, Button } from "@shopify/polaris"; import { useActionData } from "@remix-run/react"; import { authenticate } from "../shopify.server"; export const loader = async ({ request }) => { console.log("Loader function called"); const { admin } = await authenticate.admin(request); console.log("Loader authenticated"); try { const response = await admin.graphql( `#graphql query { products(first: 10) { edges { node { id title } } } }` ); const responseJson = await response.json(); console.log("GraphQL Response:", JSON.stringify(responseJson)); return { actionData: { products:{ node }) => node) } }; } catch (error) { console.log("Loader error:", error); throw error; } }; export default function Index() { const actionData = useActionData(); const products = actionData?.products || []; return ( <Page> <ui-title-bar title="MyApp app"></ui-title-bar> <VerticalStack gap="5"> <Card> <Text as="h1">Welcome to the MyApp app</Text> <Text as="p">This app helps you manage your merchandise.</Text> <Button primary onClick={() => console.log(actionData)}>Log this</Button> </Card> <Card> <Text as="h2">Products for Sale</Text> <List> { => ( <List.Item key={}> <Checkbox label={product.title} /> </List.Item> ))} </List> </Card> </VerticalStack> </Page> ); } 22:58:50 │ remix │ [shopify-app/INFO] Authenticating admin request 22:58:50 │ remix │ Loader function called 22:58:50 │ remix │ [shopify-app/INFO] Authenticating admin request 22:58:50 │ remix │ Loader authenticated 22:58:50 │ remix │ GraphQL Response: {"data":{"products":{"edges":[{"node":{"id":"gid://shopify/Product/872","title":"t est"}},{"node":{"id":"gid://shopify/Product/872","title":"Green Snowboard"}}]}},"extensions":{"cost":{"requestedQueryCo st":12,"actualQueryCost":4,"throttleStatus":{"maximumAvailable":1000,"currentlyAvailable":996,"restoreRate":50}}}} 22:58:50 │ remix │ Action data in component: undefined Here are the logs from the remix console
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