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Vendor rating can't be recreated and shown on the product page

I am trying to show the star rating of the vendor review in my single product page from wcfm, but I am unable to find a result thus far I either get a no ratings available yet ! or all the star rating are grey. I am a beginner in coding and I have searched for the fonctions in my website's files and was able to create this (below code), but It seems that it is not fetching the right info I honestly have no idea where I went wrong. function get_vendor_rating($vendor_id) { $store_rating = 0; if (function_exists('WCFMmp') && method_exists(WCFMmp(), 'get_vendor_review_rating')) { $store_rating = WCFMmp()->get_vendor_review_rating($vendor_id); } return $store_rating; } function get_vendor_reviews_count($vendor_id, $status = 'approved') { global $wpdb; $reviews_count = 0; $sql = "SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM {$wpdb->prefix}wcfm_marketplace_reviews WHERE vendor_id = %d AND approved = %d"; $reviews_count = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare($sql, $vendor_id, ($status === 'approved' ? 1 : 0))); return $reviews_count; } function display_vendor_rating() { global $product; $product_id = $product->get_id(); $vendor_id = get_post_field('post_author', $product_id); echo '<div style="display: none;">Product ID: ' . $product_id . '</div>'; echo '<div style="display: none;">Vendor ID: ' . $vendor_id . '</div>'; $vendor_rating = get_vendor_rating($vendor_id); if ($vendor_rating || $vendor_rating === 0) {rating is explicitly 0 $count = get_vendor_reviews_count($vendor_id); $star_rating_html = wp_star_rating(array( 'rating' => $vendor_rating, 'type' => 'rating', 'number' => $count, 'echo' => false, )); echo '<div class="vendor-rating">' . $star_rating_html . '</div>'; } else { echo '<div class="vendor-rating">No ratings found yet!</div>'; } } add_action('woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'display_vendor_rating', 60); I am putting the code in fonction.php btw as I don't want to break anything. Thank you in advance
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