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Updating total value of cart dynamically in php using woocommerce products [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. This will help others answer the question. Closed 7 days ago. Improve this question I'm quite new to coding, and I'm in way over my head at this point.I'm trying to create a multipage chechout flow plugin for my wordpress site. On page 1: Select number of bags full of recycleable cans and give credit for each bag selected. I then store the credit using an AJAX Handler, and displaying that value on page 2. On page 2: Successfully showing credit from page 1, and listing woocommerce products. My issue: I need to subtract the value of the woocommerce products from the credit value displayed on page 2 dynamically. I had it working once, but moved on to styling the product page, and now i cant get it working again. I've tried rewriting it, and doing it in different ways, but i just cant get it to update the credit. It's just static. This is my js for updating the credit: jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var initialCredit = parseFloat(rtsc_ajax.initial_credit); updateCreditDisplay(initialCredit); // Add event listener for checkbox changes and quantity input changes $('input[type=checkbox][name="selected_products[]"], input[type=number][name^="product_quantity"]').on('change input', updateCredit); function updateCredit() { var totalSelected = 0; $('input[type=checkbox][name="selected_products[]"]').each(function() { var productId = $(this).val(); var quantity = parseInt($('input[name="product_quantity[' + productId + ']"]').val()); // Retrieve the product price from WC (I've defined it in my php) var productPrice = parseFloat($('input[name="product_price[' + productId + ']"]').val()); console.log("Product ID: " + productId); console.log("Quantity: " + quantity); console.log("Product Price: " + productPrice); if (quantity > 0) { totalSelected += (productPrice * quantity); } }); var remainingCredit = initialCredit - totalSelected; updateCreditDisplay(remainingCredit); } function updateCreditDisplay(credit) { $('#rtsc_credit_amount').text(credit.toFixed(2)); } This is how i show the credit on page 2: $credit_amount = isset($_SESSION['rtsc_credit_amount']) ? $_SESSION['rtsc_credit_amount'] : 0; $credit_amount = floatval($credit_amount); echo '<div id="rtsc_credit_info">Your Credit: <span id="rtsc_credit_amount">' . esc_html($credit_amount) . '</span> kr</div>'; I think it stopped working after i changed how you select the product, insted of the standard checkbox i use the quantity input, and I'm showing it when clicking the product container: jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(document).on('click', '.product-image', function() { var container = $(this).closest('.rtsc-product-container'); var quantityContainer = container.find('.quantity-container'); var quantityInput = quantityContainer.find('.quantity-input'); var priceElement = container.find('.product-price'); // Toggle the visibility of quantity container if (":visible")) { quantityContainer.hide(); quantityInput.val(0); priceElement.css('padding-bottom', '46px'); } else {; quantityInput.val(1); priceElement.css('padding-bottom', '0'); } // Toggle the checkbox's state var checkbox = container.find('.product-checkbox'); checkbox.prop('checked', !checkbox.prop('checked')); }); }); Note: The value is not used for anything else than displaying it
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