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The REST API encountered an error in WordPress site installed from docker compose

I get this site health error on my Wordpress site. REST API Endpoint: REST API Response: (http_request_failed) cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds I built this site via docker-compose: wordpress: depends_on: - db image: wordpress:6.4.2-fpm user: www-data restart: unless-stopped volumes: - wordpress_root:/var/www/html - certbot-etc:/etc/letsencrypt - ./uploads.ini:/usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/uploads.ini - acme-challenge:/var/www/acme-challenge env_file: .env ports: - "8000:80" environment: … networks: - app-network webserver: depends_on: - wordpress - lead-wordpress - lauren-wordpress - ellie-wordpress - anne-wordpress - david-wordpress image: nginx:1.21.0 container_name: webserver restart: always ports: - "80:80" - "443:443" command: "/bin/sh -c 'while :; do sleep 6h & wait $${!}; nginx -s reload; done & nginx -g \"daemon off;\"'" In order to troubleshoot this Wordpress install, I check the other site — Lauren-Wordpress: assuming it might shed light on the broader problem. Here’s a summary of the steps taken and the current situation: Connectivity Checks: I noticed that the rufus-lauren-wordpress-1 container was not accessible via HTTP on port 80. Attempts to connect returned a “connection refused” error. Network Configuration: The Docker network settings were verified, and all containers, including rufus-lauren-wordpress-1, were correctly placed in the rufus_app-network, with appropriate IP assignments. Container Logs & Configurations: I reviewed the logs and configurations for the relevant containers. The Nginx setup within the webserver container is intended to reverse proxy to lead-wordpress:9000, but it’s unclear if this communication is happening as expected. Host Environment: I checked the host’s firewall (iptables) and fail2ban logs for any anomalies that could indicate network-level issues but found nothing directly pointing to the root cause of the site health issue. It’s unclear how much the host’s firewall impacts inter-container communication. Container Inspection: The rufus-lauren-wordpress-1 container is up and running, with ports 80 and 9000 exposed. However, the lack of standard networking tools in the container has limited my ability to get good network diagnostics. Would love any insight.
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