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Shopify Ruby Script Error – discount code requirements not met (empty cart)

I am working on a script that would block promo code usage for products that are tagged with 'sale' - I am seeing an error message on line 1 of my script and I'm not sure how to resolve it. The script otherwise functions fine and works as expected. Any suggestions on how to resolve this error? # ================================ Customizable Settings ================================ # ================================================================ # Define the tag for products where discounts are not allowed. # ================================================================ SALE_TAGS = ['sale', 'Sale'] # Tags used to identify sale products REJECTION_MESSAGE = "Discount codes can't be used with Sale products" # ================================ Script Code (do not edit) ================================ # ================================================================ # ProductSelector # Finds matching products by the entered criteria. # ================================================================ class ProductSelector def initialize(tags) @tags = end def match?(line_item) product_tags = (@tags & product_tags).any? end end # ================================================================ # DisableDiscountCodesForProductsCampaign # If any matching items are in the cart, the discount code is rejected. # ================================================================ class DisableDiscountCodesForProductsCampaign def initialize(tags, message) @product_selector = @rejection_message = message end def run(cart) return if cart.discount_code.nil? if cart.line_items.any? { |line_item| @product_selector.match?(line_item) } cart.discount_code.reject(message: @rejection_message) end end end # ================================================================ # Campaign Execution # ================================================================ campaign =, REJECTION_MESSAGE) Output.cart = Input.cart
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