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Shopify Image Uploads failing using GraphQL API

I'm rewriting a script to upload large batches of images to Shopify using the GraphQL API. I keep running into two issues, the first is images that upload successfully do not process properly. The second issue is I hit the rate limit and the script breaks out of the loop despite having exponential rate limiting. I've tried rate limiting and using different queries in GQL to facilitate the upload and I've identified the appropriate one. I have everything broken down into classes > definitions to make things easier to work with. Outside of this class is where I get the necessary data for the GQL queries. Apologies if this is too much code to work with, I'm not sure if its all necessary but it is all used when executing this portion of the script. f Edit1 - Log output: Checking file: GCE#30014_1.jpg Checking file: GCE#30014_1.jpg Extracted SKU: 30014 Attempting to upload image: C:/Users/Ej/Desktop/ebay9-24-23/exports\GCE#30014_1.jpg for SKU: 30014 Successfully uploaded image for SKU 30014 at position 1. Image ID: None, Image URL: None Error from Shopify - Media Upload Fail - Image: Media processing failed class ShopifyPhotoUploader: def __init__(self, connection): self.connection = connection self.missing_photos = [] self.successfully_uploaded = [] def select_folder(self): root = tk.Tk() root.withdraw() folder_selected = filedialog.askdirectory() return folder_selected def generate_staged_uploads(self, image_path): original_filename = os.path.basename(image_path) file_size = os.path.getsize(image_path) # Define backoff parameters max_retries = 5 base_delay = 5 # in seconds max_delay = 60 # in seconds # GraphQL mutation for generating staged uploads mutation = """ mutation generateStagedUploads($input: [StagedUploadInput!]!) { stagedUploadsCreate(input: $input) { stagedTargets { url resourceUrl parameters { name value } } userErrors { field message } } } """ # Variables for the mutation variables = { "input": [ { "filename": original_filename, "mimeType": "image/jpg", "resource": "IMAGE", "fileSize": str(file_size) } ] } for attempt in range(max_retries): try: # Send the mutation to Shopify response = self.connection.make_request(mutation, variables) if not response: raise Exception("No response received from Shopify.") # Handle the response if 'data' in response and 'stagedUploadsCreate' in response['data']: staged_targets = response['data']['stagedUploadsCreate']['stagedTargets'] if staged_targets: url = staged_targets[0]['url'] # If successful, break out of the loop if url: print(url) # This will print the URL for your reference return url else: raise Exception("Failed to generate staged uploads") except Exception as e: # Handle exceptions that you expect, like rate limiting if "Throttled" in str(e) and attempt < max_retries - 1: delay = min(base_delay * (2 ** attempt), max_delay) print(f"Rate limited. Retrying in {delay} seconds...") time.sleep(delay) else: # If it's an unexpected exception or you've reached max retries, raise the exception raise raise Exception("Max retries reached for generate_staged_uploads") def handle_staged_upload_response(self, response, original_filename): """Handle the response from the generate_staged_uploads function and extract the URL.""" if not response: print(f"Error: No response received for {original_filename}.") return None, None # Check if the response contains the necessary data if 'data' in response and 'stagedUploadsCreate' in response['data']: staged_targets = response['data']['stagedUploadsCreate']['stagedTargets'] # Check if stagedTargets contains any data if staged_targets: url = staged_targets[0]['url'] resource_url = staged_targets[0]['resourceUrl'] return url, resource_url else: print(f"Error: No staged targets found in the response for {original_filename}.") return None, None else: print(f"Error: Invalid response format for {original_filename}.") return None, None def upload_images_from_folder(self, folder_path, SKUandProductID): print(f"Starting upload process from folder: {folder_path}") print("SKUandProductID List:", SKUandProductID) # Iterate through files in the folder and subfolders for root, _, files in os.walk(folder_path): for file in files: print(f"Checking file: {file}") # Check if the file matches the naming scheme "GCE#20001_1.jpg" match = re.match(r'GCE#(\d+)_(\d+)\.jpg', file) if match: sku, position = match.groups() print(f"Checking file: {file}") print(f"Extracted SKU: {sku}") ##product_id = next((item['product_id'] for item in SKUandProductID if item['sku'] == sku), None) product_id = next((item[1] for item in SKUandProductID if item[0] == sku), None) if product_id: full_image_path = os.path.join(root, file) print(f"Attempting to upload image: {full_image_path} for SKU: {sku}") if self.upload_image(product_id, full_image_path, int(position), sku): self.successfully_uploaded.append({'product_id': product_id, 'sku': sku}) else: print(f"Missing product ID for SKU: {sku}") self.missing_photos.append(sku) else: print(f"File {file} does not match the expected naming scheme.") # Create a log file for SKUs without photos if self.missing_photos: print(f"Logging SKUs without photos to 'missing_photos.log'") with open('missing_photos.log', 'w') as log_file: log_file.write("\n".join(self.missing_photos)) # Update metafields for successfully uploaded images for item in self.successfully_uploaded: print(f"Updating metafield for product ID: {item['product_id']}") self.update_metafield(item['product_id'], "custom", "photo_shoot_", "True") def upload_image(self, product_id, image_path, position, sku): """Upload an image to Shopify using GraphQL.""" # Encode the image to base64 ##with open(image_path, "rb") as image_file: ## encoded_image = base64.b64encode('utf-8') staged_url = self.generate_staged_uploads(image_path) # GraphQL mutation for uploading the image mutation = """ mutation productCreateMedia($media: [CreateMediaInput!]!, $productId: ID!) { productCreateMedia(media: $media, productId: $productId) { media { alt mediaContentType status } mediaUserErrors { field message } product { id title } } } """ # Variables for the mutation variables = { "media": [ { "alt": f"{sku}", "mediaContentType": "IMAGE", "originalSource": f"{staged_url}" } ], "productId": f"{product_id}" } # Send the mutation to Shopify response = self.connection.make_request(mutation, variables) if response: data = response else: print(f"Error: No response received when uploading image for SKU:{sku}_{position}.") return False # Check for errors user_errors = data.get('data', {}).get('productCreateMedia', {}).get('mediaUserErrors', []) if user_errors: for error in user_errors: field = error.get('field', 'Unknown field') message = error.get('message', 'Unknown error') print(f"Error uploading image for SKU {sku} at position {position}: {field} - {message}") return False else: image_id = data.get('data', {}).get('productCreateMedia', {}).get('media', [{}])[0].get('id') image_src = data.get('data', {}).get('productCreateMedia', {}).get('media', [{}])[0].get('src') print(f"Successfully uploaded image for SKU {sku} at position {position}. Image ID: {image_id}, Image URL: {image_src}") return True
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