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Shopify Graphql – Getting all products metafields

I am trying to implement a custom storefront using nextJS and shopify APIs. One of the features I need to implement is a custom catalog filtering system which I want to handle using metafields. So basically I do want to fetch ALL products metafields using the GraphQL Shopify Admin API in the most efficient way. I do understand that shopify is telling me that this query is too extensive for it to be handled but I thought it was a fairly simple query. I'm trying to find alternative solutions that wouldn't involve querying all products one by one. Any ideas? Heres what I did: To start tackling this task, i'm struggling to understand why can't I fetch all my products metafields using this ADMIN api query: query GetProductsMetafields { products(first: 50) { nodes { id metafields(first: 50) { nodes { id key value namespace } } } } } The response given is the following: { "errors": [ { "message": "Query cost is 2702, which exceeds the single query max cost limit (1000).\n\nSee for more information on how the\ncost of a query is calculated.\n\nTo query larger amounts of data with fewer limits, bulk operations should be used instead.\nSee for usage details.\n", "extensions": { "code": "MAX_COST_EXCEEDED", "cost": 2702, "maxCost": 1000, "documentation": "" } } ] } theres a bit more info in the documentation but it doesn't show how to fetch all products metafields.
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