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Shopify checkout UI how to retreive DeliveryMethodDefinition id of the selected shippingOption

I am working on an app on Shopify's checkout extension UI, I want to show a Banner under shippingOptions using the target "purchase.checkout.shipping-option-item.render-after", in this Banner I want to show custom delivery times depending on the items in the cart, client's address and shippingOption, I can get the items in the cart and client's address but for the shippingOption I only have it's name and a long string called "handle" as I think can be useful using "useShippingOptionTarget()", but I need the shippingOption's "DeliveryMethodDefinition" id that I can get from the admin GraphQL with "deliveryProfiles", but I can't find a way to link one to the other Here my jsx file import { Banner, useApi, useTranslate, reactExtension, useShippingOptionTarget, } from '@shopify/ui-extensions-react/checkout'; export default reactExtension( 'purchase.checkout.shipping-option-item.render-after', () => <Extension />, ); function Extension() { const translate = useTranslate(); const { extension } = useApi(); const shippingOption = useShippingOptionTarget(); console.log(shippingOption) return ( <Banner title="checkout-ui"> {translate('welcome', { target: })} </Banner> ); } I tried to link using names, but when there is multiple that has same name I have to get price and weight of items and calculate which one to select but if there is a new or something is updated on 1 I have to change code so it's not maintainable. I tried using the long string in the handle as an ID (hopping it would be useful) but couldn't find what was it's purpose as I couldn't do anything, and I think Shopify docs are not clear when things gets a bit harder...
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