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Second MySQL Docker container not using different port

Hello I'm trying to run two different MySQL versions as docker containers, however when I want to connect a second Wordpress blog, I'm greeted with the error message: Error establishing a database connection. In the container logs everything is looking fine and I did change the network section and ports in my docker-compose.yml, but from looking at the container information I see that the MySQL container is still using 3306/tcp as port, even though I changed it with the environment variable MYSQL_TCP_PORT: 3307 and it is using this one as well. Running two independent setups is mandatory. Thank you for your replies! docker ps 3306/tcp, 33060/tcp,>3307/tcp, :::3307->3307/tcp docker-compose.yml Credentials are sanitized version: "3" networks: test: name: test ipam: driver: default config: - subnet: ip_range: gateway: attachable: true services: db2: image: mysql:8.0.36 command: --default-authentication-plugin=mysql_native_password container_name: MySQL2 environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: 1234 MYSQL_ONETIME_PASSWORD: True MYSQL_USER: test MYSQL_PASSWORD_FILE: 1234 MYSQL_DATABASE: db2 MYSQL_TCP_PORT: 3307 volumes: - /Wordpress/MySQLTest/:/var/lib/mysql ports: - 3307:3307 networks: - test wordpress: depends_on: - db2 image: wordpress:6.4.0-php8.0-apache container_name: Wordpress2 ports: - "18888:80" environment: WORDPRESS_DB_HOST: db_dev:3307 WORDPRESS_DB_USER: test WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD: 1234 WORDPRESS_DB_NAME: db2 volumes: - /WordpressTest:/var/www/html networks: - test I did some trial & error testing using the appropriate environment variable or without it and change the port mapping.
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