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Same query different durations when coming from different source [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. This will help others answer the question. Closed 6 days ago. This post was edited and submitted for review 6 days ago. Improve this question SELECT post_id, meta_key, meta_value FROM wp_postmeta WHERE post_id IN (...) ORDER BY meta_id ASC; This query when executed by wordpress is taking 20+ seconds on the database itself, not end to end. It's showing in the slow query log. post_id is indexed. It should be quick. When running from MySQL Workbench I'm getting the result in fractions of a second. Not really sure why though. Tried doing optimize on the table. Tried removing the ORDER BY. $cache_key = $meta_type . '_meta'; $non_cached_ids = array(); $cache = array(); $cache_values = wp_cache_get_multiple( $object_ids, $cache_key ); foreach ( $cache_values as $id => $cached_object ) { if ( false === $cached_object ) { $non_cached_ids[] = $id; } else { $cache[ $id ] = $cached_object; } } if ( empty( $non_cached_ids ) ) { return $cache; } // Get meta info. $id_list = implode( ',', $non_cached_ids ); $id_column = ( 'user' === $meta_type ) ? 'umeta_id' : 'meta_id'; // This is the query generation in the wordpress meta.php file $meta_list = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT $column, meta_key, meta_value FROM $table WHERE $column IN ($id_list) ORDER BY $id_column ASC", ARRAY_A ); if ( ! empty( $meta_list ) ) { foreach ( $meta_list as $metarow ) { $mpid = (int) $metarow[ $column ]; $mkey = $metarow['meta_key']; $mval = $metarow['meta_value']; // Force subkeys to be array type. if ( ! isset( $cache[ $mpid ] ) || ! is_array( $cache[ $mpid ] ) ) { $cache[ $mpid ] = array(); } if ( ! isset( $cache[ $mpid ][ $mkey ] ) || ! is_array( $cache[ $mpid ][ $mkey ] ) ) { $cache[ $mpid ][ $mkey ] = array(); } // Add a value to the current pid/key. $cache[ $mpid ][ $mkey ][] = $mval; } } # Time: 2024-02-08T19:32:03.143347Z # User@Host: [XXXXXXXXX] @ [XXXXXXXXX] Id: 829199 # Query_time: 17.843975 Lock_time: 0.000097 Rows_sent: 155 Rows_examined: 19469798 SET timestamp=1707420705; SELECT post_id, meta_key, meta_value FROM wp_postmeta WHERE post_id IN (...) ORDER BY meta_id ASC; DB is Aurora MySQL Serverless v2 (16 - 48 ACUs) I can run the same query(with and without different values in the IN) in a 10th of a second from MySQL Workbench tunneled to the same DB at the same time these are taking the above duration(or longer) Check Table wp_postmeta; # Table, Op, Msg_type, Msg_text 'prod_wordpress.wp_postmeta', 'check', 'status', 'OK'
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