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Port WordPress sanitize_title to Delphi

In WordPress, when I input a title for a post and save it, then a slug will automatically generated based on the title. After searching online, I find it is implemented via sanitize_title, so I try to port it to Delphi. But after checking its source code: function sanitize_title( $title, $fallback_title = '', $context = 'save' ) { $raw_title = $title; if ( 'save' === $context ) { $title = remove_accents( $title ); } /** * Filters a sanitized title string. * * @since 1.2.0 * * @param string $title Sanitized title. * @param string $raw_title The title prior to sanitization. * @param string $context The context for which the title is being sanitized. */ $title = apply_filters( 'sanitize_title', $title, $raw_title, $context ); if ( '' === $title || false === $title ) { $title = $fallback_title; } return $title; } I cannot find any codes that perform the replacement of whitespace to '-'. remove_accents only remove accents, not related to whitespace. apply_filters is apply a filter, if there is no filter, then nothing happens. Other than these two ,there are no codes make the transform. Why?
In the WordPress core, WordPress uses the sanitize_title hook to apply its own filter (you can find that in this code): The function it call is sanitize_title_with_dashes: That's the function you are looking for.

January 17, 2024

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