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plugin that connects to an external database on wordpress

I would like to create a WordPress plugin that connects to an external database on the same server: <?php /* Plugin Name: External DB Connector Description: Connects to an external WordPress database and retrieves data. Version: 1.0 Author: Your Name */ // Exit if accessed directly. if (!defined('ABSPATH')) { exit; } // Hook into WordPress add_action('admin_menu', 'external_db_connector_menu'); function external_db_connector_menu() { add_menu_page( 'External DB Connector', 'External DB Connector', 'manage_options', 'external_db_connector', 'external_db_connector_page' ); } function external_db_connector_page() { ?> <div class="wrap"> <h2>External DB Connector</h2> <?php // Connect to the external database $external_db = new wpdb('root', '', 'students', 'localhost'); // Check the connection if ($external_db->last_error) { echo '<p>Error connecting to the external database: ' . esc_html($external_db->last_error) . '</p>'; } else { echo '<p>Successfully connected to the external database.</p>'; // Retrieve data from the 'student' table and 'ali' column $table_name = $external_db->prefix . 'students'; $column_name = 'ali'; // Perform the query $result = $external_db->get_results("SELECT $column_name FROM $table_name"); // Check if the query was successful if ($result === null) { echo '<p>No data found in the "ali" column.</p>'; } elseif ($external_db->last_error) { echo '<p>Error retrieving data: ' . esc_html($external_db->last_error) . '</p>'; } else { echo '<p>Data from column "ali":</p>'; foreach ($result as $row) { echo '<p>' . esc_html($row->$column_name) . '</p>'; } } } ?> </div> <?php } but it is still give the error: Successfully connected to the external database. No data found in the "ali" column. but I have "ali" column in my database. what is the problem? I think that related to connection to the database Thanks
In your code example you try to get data from student table $table_name = $external_db->prefix . 'student'; And on screenshot, there is students table. Also, your code for checking the database connection is not working correctly. You need to replace if ($external_db->last_error) { with if (null !== $external_db->error) {

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