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PHP comparing number fields not giving correct output

I have two meta fields in Wordpress (ACF) that track the score of our soccer games. It's a group field with a name of 'score' with two number fields in it, 'bucs' (that's us, the Bucs) and 'opp' for our opponent. I am able to assign the variables and display them easy enough with: $score = get_field('score'); $bucsscore = $score['bucs']; $oppscore = $score['opp']; echo $bucsscore; echo $oppscore; Now my goal is to assign a class to a div based on the game outcome: win, lose, tie. I am trying to get this class by simply comparing the two scores. What I have so far gives me inconsistent results on every game. Sometimes a 0 - 0 score says we lost. If we win 1 - 0 it says we tie. If we tie 1 - 1 it says we won. <?php if($bucscore === $oppscore) { echo 'tie-game'; } elseif ($bucscore < $oppscore) { echo 'lost-game'; } elseif ($bucscore > $oppscore) { echo 'won-game'; }?> I have tested the '===' with '=' and '==' and still get the same inconsistency. I am thinking I can reduce the amount of code if I could create a variable that gave me the class based on the comparison but I am stuck here for now.
In your code, it seems there's a typo in the variable name $bucscore. It should be $bucsscore. if ($bucsscore === $oppscore) { echo 'tie-game'; } elseif ($bucsscore < $oppscore) { echo 'lost-game'; } elseif ($bucsscore > $oppscore) { echo 'won-game'; }

February 17, 2024

This code works fine for me when just assigning numbers to the vars. Maybe there's something wonky with how the data is coming from ACF? Try a var_dump to see what actual datatypes you're getting from ACF: echo var_dump($bucscore); echo var_dump($oppscore);

February 17, 2024

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