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Payment method option is not appearing on the WooCommerce checkout page

I'm attempting to integrate a custom payment method into WooCommerce. I've successfully added the backend option to enable or disable it, but I can't seem to get the custom payment method to appear on the checkout page. I've attached a screenshot of both my admin panel and the frontend checkout page for your reference. Please take a look as I've attempted various solutions but have been unable to resolve the issue. <?php /* Plugin Name: SecureNet Payment Gateway Version: 1.0 Description: Add SecureNet Payment as a payment option in WooCommerce. Author: Your Name */ // Define the custom payment gateway class function custom_payment_gateway_init() { class Custom_Payment_Gateway extends WC_Payment_Gateway { public function __construct() { $this->id = 'custom_payment_gateway'; // Unique ID for your payment gateway $this->method_title = 'Custom Payment Gateway'; $this->method_description = 'Add a custom description here.'; $this->has_fields = true; $this->init_form_fields(); $this->init_settings(); $this->title = $this->get_option('title'); $this->description = $this->get_option('description'); // Add more settings here // ... add_action('woocommerce_update_options_payment_gateways_' . $this->id, array($this, 'process_admin_options')); } public function init_form_fields() { $this->form_fields = array( 'title' => array( 'title' => __('Title', 'woocommerce'), 'type' => 'text', 'description' => __('This controls the title displayed during checkout.', 'woocommerce'), 'default' => __('Custom Payment Gateway', 'woocommerce'), 'desc_tip' => true, ), 'description' => array( 'title' => __('Description', 'woocommerce'), 'type' => 'textarea', 'description' => __('This controls the description displayed during checkout.', 'woocommerce'), 'default' => __('Pay using Custom Payment Gateway', 'woocommerce'), 'desc_tip' => true, ), // Add more fields here // ... ); } public function process_payment($order_id) { // Handle payment processing logic here // Connect to your payment gateway API, redirect to payment page, and confirm payment // Implement error handling and status updates // ... return array( 'result' => 'success', // or 'failure' for unsuccessful payments 'redirect' => $redirect_url, // URL to redirect the customer for payment ); } public function payment_fields() { // Display payment fields such as credit card info or other required info // ... // Example: You can use WooCommerce form fields to capture payment information echo '<div id="custom-payment-gateway-form">'; // Display fields here echo '</div>'; } public function validate_fields() { // Validate payment fields submitted by the customer // Implement validation logic // ... // Example validation: if (empty($_POST['custom_field'])) { wc_add_notice(__('Custom field is required.', 'woocommerce'), 'error'); } } } } // Hook the custom_payment_gateway_init function to plugins_loaded action add_action('plugins_loaded', 'custom_payment_gateway_init'); // Add custom payment gateway to available payment gateways in checkout add_filter('woocommerce_payment_gateways', 'add_custom_payment_gateway'); function add_custom_payment_gateway($gateways) { $gateways[] = 'Custom_Payment_Gateway'; return $gateways; }
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