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not working visual tab when use wp_editor function in wordpress

i develop below code in wordpress: wp_editor( 'ss', 'id', array() ); i use above code to create a metabox in custom post type. this code create successfully TinyMCE editor wordpress but can't type any text in box! how to fix issue? please help me... Thank's can't type in box area editor.
If you are facing issues with the TinyMCE editor not allowing you to type in the box area, there could be several reasons for this behavior. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue: JavaScript Errors: Check your browser console for any JavaScript errors. These errors may provide clues about what's going wrong. You can open the browser console by right-clicking on the page, selecting "Inspect," and then navigating to the "Console" tab. Conflict with Other Scripts: Sometimes, there might be conflicts with other scripts or plugins. Try deactivating other plugins or switching to a default WordPress theme to see if the issue persists. If the problem goes away, you can narrow down the conflicting plugin or theme and address it accordingly. Initialize TinyMCE: Ensure that TinyMCE is properly initialized. You can try adding the following script to your theme's footer or enqueue it properly: jQuery(document).ready(function($){ if (typeof tinyMCE !== 'undefined') { tinyMCE.init({ mode: 'textareas', editor_selector: 'your-editor-class', // Replace with your editor class // Other TinyMCE settings... }); } }); Make sure to replace 'your-editor-class' with the actual class or ID of your editor. Check for CSS Issues: There might be CSS issues affecting the editor. Ensure that there are no styles conflicting with the TinyMCE editor. You can inspect the editor element using browser developer tools to see if there are any unexpected styles. Update WordPress and Plugins: Ensure that your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins are up to date. Outdated software can sometimes cause compatibility issues. Check for JavaScript Errors in WordPress Admin: In some cases, WordPress admin might enqueue its own jQuery version, leading to conflicts. You can try using the version of jQuery bundled with WordPress by modifying your theme's functions.php file: function use_wp_default_jquery() { wp_deregister_script('jquery'); wp_enqueue_script('jquery', false, array(), false, true); } add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'use_wp_default_jquery'); Make sure to test this thoroughly, as it might affect other parts of your website. Remember to make backups before making changes to your code or database, especially if you are testing on a live website. If the issue persists, you may need to provide more details about your setup, including the version of WordPress, theme, and other relevant plugins you are using.

December 29, 2023

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