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Need help on modifying a booking plugin BA Book Everything [closed]

Closed. This question is not about programming or software development. It is not currently accepting answers. This question does not appear to be about a specific programming problem, a software algorithm, or software tools primarily used by programmers. If you believe the question would be on-topic on another Stack Exchange site, you can leave a comment to explain where the question may be able to be answered. Closed 2 days ago. Improve this question Plugin URL : Website / theme we are using : What i am trying to do is, i want to change this form to show month and filter month, currently it takes date, i want , when someone clicks month it shows all 12 months and we filter tours by month not dates, enter image description here I really apricate your time helping me learn. thank you I downloaded the plugin and found that ba-book-everything/includes/class-babe-search-form.php:251 there is the filter but i am still learning so if you can help me with modified code i can take it and use ai to and youtube to learn how it worked. Its just my hobby i love to learn new things. How can i modify this code ? public static function render_form( $title = '', $form_args = [] ){ $output = $advanced_tab = $price_range_field = ''; $form_args = wp_parse_args( $form_args, [ 'wrapper_class' => '', 'form_class' => '', 'button_title' => __( 'Search', 'ba-book-everything' ), ] ); $date_from = isset($_GET['date_from']) && BABE_Calendar_functions::isValidDate($_GET['date_from'], BABE_Settings::$settings['date_format']) ? sanitize_text_field($_GET['date_from']) : ''; $date_to = isset($_GET['date_to']) && BABE_Calendar_functions::isValidDate($_GET['date_to'], BABE_Settings::$settings['date_format']) ? sanitize_text_field($_GET['date_to']) : ''; $search_keyword = isset($_GET['keyword']) ? sanitize_text_field($_GET['keyword']) : ''; $action = isset($_GET['same_page']) ? '' : BABE_Settings::get_search_result_page_url(); $same_page = isset($_GET['same_page']) ? '<input type="hidden" name="same_page" value="'.absint($_GET['same_page']).'">' : ''; $min_price_value = isset($_GET['min_price']) ? (int)$_GET['min_price'] : 0; $max_price_value = isset($_GET['max_price']) ? (int)$_GET['max_price'] : 0; $min_price = $min_price_value ? '<input type="hidden" name="min_price" value="'.esc_attr($min_price_value).'">' : ''; $max_price = $max_price_value ? '<input type="hidden" name="max_price" value="'.esc_attr($max_price_value).'">' : ''; $search_filter_sort_by = isset($_GET['search_results_sort_by']) && isset(BABE_Post_types::$search_filter_sort_by_args[$_GET['search_results_sort_by']]) ? ' <input type="hidden" name="search_results_sort_by" value="'.esc_attr($_GET['search_results_sort_by']).'"> ' : '<input type="hidden" name="search_results_sort_by" value="title_asc">'; $hidden_fields = '<input type="hidden" name="request_search_results" value="1"> '.$same_page.$min_price.$max_price.$search_filter_sort_by; $taxonomy_selected_arr = array();
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