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I'm trying to json_encode an array to a string to set it as a html data attribute but its outputting " instead of speech marks

As the title states, I am trying to pass JSON data from PHP to a HTML data-attribute within a WordPress environment but the rendered data is being outputted with HTML entities " instead of speech marks. Note: this previously worked the function: function build_ga_tracking($category, $label, $action = 'click', $value = '', $event = 'event') { $tracking = array( 'event' => $event, 'category' => $category, 'label' => $label, 'action' => $action, 'value' => $value ); $jsonEncodedTracking = json_encode($tracking); return "data-tracking='".$jsonEncodedTracking."'"; } echo("<li><a href='" . $item->url . "' " . build_ga_tracking('Primary Menu', $cleanTitle, 'Click-'.$cleanTitle) . ">" . $title . "</a></li>"); which outputs as: <li><a href="http://localhost:8080/category/money-tips/" data-tracking="{"event":"event","category":"Primary Menu","label":"Money Tips","action":"Click-Money Tips","value":""}">Money Tips</a></li> note: echo(build_ga_tracking('Primary Menu', $cleanTitle, 'Click-'.$cleanTitle)); outputs correctly: data-tracking='{"event":"event","category":"Primary Menu","label":"Money Tips","action":"Click-Money Tips","value":""}' I've tried using esc_attr() esc_js() and wp_json_encode() with no luck.
This was purely a rendering issue with Chrome dev tools. When inspecting the source code, it's outputting correctly. 2 days of debugging and a massive face palm later.

January 7, 2024

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