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HTML input control value disappears when add PADDING

I need CSS help on formatting this BID VALUE text box (input element) (See in Picture 1) Picture 1 Product link is here When I make text box wider via Padding the text value inside the box is disappearing (Get hidden probably) I can't find where I'm doing wrong. I have duplicated them so you can understand my problem, If you look on the photo above I have labeled Number 1 & 2, they both have same ID and other properties BUT BID VALUE Number 1 have the following custom CSS input[name="bid_value"] { width:auto; padding: 4px 120px 5px 31px; margin: 2px 11px; box-sizing: border-box; text-align: left; } BID VALUE Number 2 doesn't have any custom CSS its by default that way, It does not show the current BID VALUES clear (all value figures) that's why I want it to be a little big but if i do that (referring BID VALUE 1) the value is disappearing, Any advice on where I'm doing wrong? I wish my BID VALUE text box above to be like this format here in Picture 2 Its link is here Looking forward to hear from you guys on what I am doing wrong.
If you insist on using width: auto, add !important to overwrite existing CSS (i.e. width: 3.631em; in a rule for .woocommerce .quantity .qty), otherwise your padding will fill the whole input field.

December 29, 2023

If the L/R (width) padding leaves no room for the text at the chosen font size, the text will not be displayed. const $ = document.querySelector.bind(document); let pwid = 10; $('button').addEventListener('click', () => { pwid = pwid += 20; $('input').style.paddingLeft = `${pwid}px`; $('input').style.paddingRight = `${pwid}px`; $('aside').innerHTML = `Control Width: 130px<br>L/R Padding: ${pwid}px`; }); input{width:130px;padding:10px;box-sizing:border-box;margin-bottom:20px;} button{padding:7px 10px;background:#ccc;border:1px solid #ccccccCC;border-radius:4px;cursor:pointer;} <input type="text" value="Merry Christmas" /> <div><button>Add 20px to Padding Width</button></div> <aside></aside> Run code snippetExpand snippet Solution: Use font-size instead of padding to make the text easier to see. If the input field is not growing with the text, then change the width and/or max-width values on the input (text) box to be either "auto" or "unset".

December 29, 2023

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