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how to upload a file with shopify's file api

So just to clarify what I am trying to do. I do NOT want to upload an image to a product. I want to use the File API to upload a file to files I don't know graphql very well at all. I have setup a private app, and set the file scopes for the Admin API. I have copied the Admin API access token, stored as SHOPIFY_ACCESS_TOKEN I am using shopify's php sdk Context::initialize( env('SHOPIFY_API_KEY'), env('SHOPIFY_API_SECRET'), env('SHOPIFY_APP_SCOPES'), env('SHOPIFY_DOMAIN'), new FileSessionStorage('/tmp/php_sessions'), env('SHOPIFY_API_VERSION'), false, true, ); $client = new Graphql(env("SHOPIFY_DOMAIN"), env("SHOPIFY_ACCESS_TOKEN")); $query = <<<QUERY mutation fileCreate(\$files: [FileCreateInput!]!) { fileCreate(files: \$files) { files { alt createdAt } } } QUERY; $variables = [ "files" => [ "alt" => "this is a cat", "contentType" => "IMAGE", "originalSource" => "", ], ]; $response = $client->query(["query" => $query, "variables" => $variables]); The Query part i copied directly from the FileCreate docs. The Context::initialize I got from the sdk docs. The error code that is returning is 401{"errors":"[API] Invalid API key or access token (unrecognized login or wrong password)"} I am unsure where to go from here and how to get it working. Can anyone see where I may have gone wrong? Edit: 20231112 A huge thanks to @hamzasgd for the awesome info. I have managed to get it working with PHP, which is great. My issue auth issue was that I was passing the store front api key, instead of the admin api key into the Context::initialize method. It should have been this Context::initialize( env('SHOPIFY_API_KEY'), env('SHOPIFY_ACCESS_TOKEN'), env('SHOPIFY_APP_SCOPES'), env('SHOPIFY_DOMAIN'), new FileSessionStorage('/tmp/php_sessions'), ApiVersion::LATEST, false, true, );
Here is the actual flow that you need to follow this gist is in javascript for the php the flow is same Shopify Files API Create Flow

December 30, 2023

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