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How to render react component at php server

Background I am a WordPress developer. React is very effective for creating complex UIs on WordPress sites. I developed a small WordPress plugin that connects WordPress shortcodes with React components. This allows me to use React with WordPress. Problem I need to implement Search Engine Optimization. However, React components are rendered on the client-side. I heard that this is not good at SEO. How can I render React components on the server-side? I do not want to use NextJS or Remix because I only need server-side rendering and do not require a full-site SPA and Router. What I Found PHP supports the V8 JavaScript Engine. Vite offers support for SSR (Server-Side Rendering).
React has been a simple javascript library run on top of client browser for a long time. What you want is the newly introduced React Server Components ( so that the UI is rendered on server-side (also known as isomorphic/SSR) as opposed to client-side. Unfortunately, as the React docs said, it is not production-ready yet. Also, take a look at this post: At the time of writing, the only stable way to use React Server Components is with the Next.js App Router. So you have to make the trade-off: use React alongwith framework that supports SSR, or use other tools.

February 26, 2024

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