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How to remove multiple items when match?

Currently I have a selects on a product page Which then pushes to the cart Is there a way to ensure when any of the items with the same Rope_ID gets removed they all get removed? Here is an example of cart.js - json { "items": [ { "id": 47172705059137, "properties": { "Rope_ID": "1699578662053" }, "quantity": 1, "variant_id": 47172705059137, "key": "47172705059137:78613041670c5e8886d92429b00d14cd", }, { "id": 46529331331393, "properties": { "End 1": "Splice Eyelet End w/-Thimble", "End 2": "Heat Sealed Cut", "Rope_ID": "1699578662053" }, "quantity": 1, "variant_id": 46529331331393, "key": "46529331331393:2f19286fc8bd365ed585af1c61c42815", } ], } What was the best way around this? - I haven't worked that much with arrays and would greatly appreciate help.
to make sure the items with the same "Rope_ID" gets removed together, you can iterate through the items in your cart. and check if any other item has the same "Rope_ID" when removing an item. If found, you can remove those items as well. a simple JS ex: function removeFromCart(cart, itemId) { const updatedCart = cart.items.filter(item => { if ( === itemId) { // Check if thr r other items with the same Rope_ID const sameRopeIdItems = cart.items.filter( otherItem => === ); // Remove all the items with the same Rope_ID return sameRopeIdItems.every( sameRopeIdItem => === itemId ); } return true; }); return { items: updatedCart }; } // Example usage: const cart = { items: [ { id: 47172705059137, properties: { Rope_ID: "1699578662053" }, quantity: 1, variant_id: 47172705059137, key: "47172705059137:78613041670c5e8886d92429b00d14cd", }, { id: 46529331331393, properties: { End_1: "Splice Eyelet End w/-Thimble", End_2: "Heat Sealed Cut", Rope_ID: "1699578662053" }, quantity: 1, variant_id: 46529331331393, key: "46529331331393:2f19286fc8bd365ed585af1c61c42815", } ] }; const itemIdToRemove = 47172705059137; const updatedCart = removeFromCart(cart, itemIdToRemove); console.log(updatedCart); This code defines a function removeFromCart that removes the specified item and all other items with the same "Rope_ID." The filter function is used to achieve this.

December 30, 2023

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