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How to display specific content in WooCommerce product subcategories

I'm using code that needs to display specific content on different category pages. My categories have the following structure: Man Cloth Shorts Shorts with pockets But the code below, displays content only on the parent category (Man), and the 1st level subcategory (Cloth): add_action( 'woocommerce_archive_description', 'add_slide_text',1 ); function add_slide_text() { $cat = get_queried_object(); if ( is_product_category() ) { if ( is_product_category( 'man' ) || $cat->parent === 233 ) { echo 'Hello man'; } elseif ( is_product_category( 'woman' ) || $cat->parent === 232 ) { echo 'Hello woman'; } else { echo ''; } } } How can I force it to display content on subcategories of a lower level? For example, in "Shorts" and "Shorts with pockets" (and possibly lower)? Any help is appreciated.
You can use the WordPress function cat_is_ancestor_of(). Check out the docs here: Basically, you give it two things: what you think is the parent category and what you expect to be the child category. No matter how deep the hierarchy goes, it will return true. Here's a quick example of how you can make it work: $current_category = get_queried_object(); $man_category_id = get_cat_ID('Man'); // Check if the current category or its ancestors include the "Man" category if (cat_is_ancestor_of($man_category_id, $current_category->term_id)) { echo "Display your content here"; } Just a heads up, I haven't tested this code, so feel free to adjust it to fit your situation.

December 29, 2023

You can use get_term_children() WordPress function with WooCommerce product category custom taxonomy, to display a specific text from for each specific product category "man" and "woman" terms and their children as follows: add_action( 'woocommerce_archive_description', 'add_slide_text', 1 ); function add_slide_text() { // Targeting WooCommerce product category archives if ( is_product_category() ) { $current_term = get_queried_object(); $taxonomy = $current_term->taxonomy; // For "man" term (and term ID 233) $term_man_id = get_term_by('slug', 'man', $taxonomy)->term_id; // Get "man" term ID $children_man_ids = (array) get_term_children($term_man_id, $taxonomy); // Get children terms IDs $man_terms_ids = array_merge( array(233, $term_man_id), $children_man_ids ); // Merge terms IDs in a unique array // For "woman" term (and term ID 232) $term_woman_id = get_term_by('slug', 'woman', $taxonomy)->term_id; // Get "woman" term ID $children_woman_ids = (array) get_term_children($term_woman_id, $taxonomy); // Get children terms IDs $woman_terms_ids = array_merge( array(232, $term_woman_id), $children_woman_ids ); // Merge terms IDs in a unique array // Conditional text display if ( in_array( $current_term->term_id, $man_terms_ids ) ) { _e('Hello man', 'woocommerce'); } elseif ( in_array( $current_term->term_id, $woman_terms_ids ) ) { _e('Hello woman', 'woocommerce'); } } } Code goes in functions.php file of your child theme (or in a plugin). Tested and works.

December 29, 2023

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