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How to create WordPress application password without loading wordpress core files?

I am using Laravel 10 to build a CMS manager to remotely manage multiple CMS at single panel. One of the CMS available is WordPress. Most API functions works well such as publishing posts, creating tags, etc. All I need to do is to create an application password manually and paste to my Laravel CMS manager. As I can also access the mysql of the WordPress sites, I would like to create the application password programmatically via Laravel instead of manually at WordPress dashboard. My thought is first create a hashed password and save directly to database wp_usermeta table. However, the programmatically generated password seems not correct. WordPress return 401. The following is how I generate the application password. As WordPress uses WP_Application_Passwords::create_new_application_password() to generate the password which the hashing of $new_password is done by wp_hash_password($new_password), so I load PasswordHash in my Laravel CMS manager. function wp_hash_password($password) { $wp_hasher = new \PasswordHash( 8, TRUE ); $hashed_password = $wp_hasher->HashPassword(trim($password)); return $hashed_password; } Then I prepare the format for wp_usermeta. $api_password = 'kNRC ERNk ZJJ4 nrL2 EgKI HctJ'; //also tried without space $this->wp_hash_password($api_password) $api_password_data_array[] = [ 'uuid' => str()->uuid()->toString(), //6890ea8f-e7c9-4ab0-b51a-c2a3d724eecc 'app_id' => '', "name" => "ai2", "password" => $hashed_password, //$P$Bl7AWybOsI3/JJIHpvv/rf1JrwZeeK0 "created" => time(), 'last_used' => null, 'last_ip' => null, ]; //Connect remote wordpress database. DB::connection($connection_name) ->table('wp_usermeta') ->updateOrInsert( [ 'meta_key' => '_application_passwords' ], [ 'user_id' => 1, 'meta_value' => serialize($api_password_data_array) ] ); The programmatically generated data structure created is exactly the same as when I manually create application password via wordpress dashboard. a:1:{i:0;a:7:{s:4:"uuid";s:36:"6890ea8f-e7c9-4ab0-b51a-c2a3d724eecc";s:6:"app_id";s:0:"";s:4:"name";s:3:"ai2";s:8:"password";s:34:"$P$Bl7AWybOsI3/JJIHpvv/rf1JrwZeeK0";s:7:"created";i:1708716939;s:9:"last_used";N;s:7:"last_ip";N;}} However, It's just not working. WordPress always return 401. Therefore, my question is: How to create WordPress application password and directly save to database without requiring the wordpress files?
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