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How can I dynamically add Arguments to an Operation create by sqqlc-codegen

I am working on a python-tool that interacts with the Shopify GraphQL API. I started using the sqglc-libraby to have the convenience of handling everything with python objects instead of the long-winded dict-like accessing of Grapqhl queries and responses. Having followed the documentation on how to create types and operations ( i have created my own operations pytho module. However, im stuck on something that i thought the code-first approach would help me solve: The below query is stored in my_operations.gql and from it the corresponding code is created by the codegen tool. query BulkAllStock{ productVariants{ edges { cursor node { id barcode sku inventoryItem { inventoryLevel{ id available quantities(names: ["available", "on_hand", "committed"]) { name quantity } } } } } } } def query_bulk_all_stock(): _op = sgqlc.operation.Operation(_schema_root.query_type, name='BulkAllStock') _op_product_variants = _op.product_variants() _op_product_variants_edges = _op_product_variants.edges() _op_product_variants_edges.cursor() _op_product_variants_edges_node = _op_product_variants_edges.node() _op_product_variants_edges_node.barcode() _op_product_variants_edges_node.sku() _op_product_variants_edges_node_inventory_item = _op_product_variants_edges_node.inventory_item() _op_product_variants_edges_node_inventory_item_inventory_level = _op_product_variants_edges_node_inventory_item.inventory_level() _op_product_variants_edges_node_inventory_item_inventory_level.available() _op_product_variants_edges_node_inventory_item_inventory_level_quantities = _op_product_variants_edges_node_inventory_item_inventory_level.quantities(names=('available', 'on_hand', 'committed')) _op_product_variants_edges_node_inventory_item_inventory_level_quantities.quantity() return _op I would now like to pass further arguments to this query to further narrow down the response data by adding a inventorlevelID to the inventoryLevel field like so: ... inventoryLevel(locationId: $location_id){ ... Reading the documentation I could not figure out how to do this with the Operation Object that i create from the generated code. It appears to me that i would need to inlcude another query with that arugment included, but that would mean a lot of repeated code. The background on this is the way that bulk queries in shopify work. These are another set of queries that take another query as a variable in form of a muti line string, this query cant include variables however as explained here: So my idea was to first create the operation that is meant to be passed into the bulk-query including the variables i want to have, and then pass the pure grapqhl-string into a bulk query operation that i can simply execute with the sqglc endpoint. So how could I create an sgqlc operation object where i can add an argument to an arbitrary field if possible at all? I tried adding variables to the operation after instantiating the object, but that does not seem to work.
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