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How can I Configure CloudFront for Path-Based Routing to Serve React and WordPress Sites?

I am working on setting up CloudFront to route traffic based on the URL path to serve different content hosted on Amazon S3 and a WordPress site deployed on a specific IP address. Here's the breakdown of my requirements and current setup: React Application on Amazon S3: I have a React application and it's build i have uploaded to an S3 bucket. Whenever there's a new update in the React app, for that I have created a Dockerfile and in this i create a build of react application and upload it to the S3 bucket. The React app is hosted on S3 and i want to make it accessible via URLs such as from the s3 bucket there i have uploaded my react app build* WordPress Site: I have deployed a WordPress site on a specific IP address (e.g., All requests, including those for the homepage, should be directed to this WordPress site. Requirements: I have configured CloudFront to manage traffic based on URL paths but it's not working i want Direct traffic to the React application hosted on S3 for specific URLs. like i have provided above And for all other requests, including the homepage, to the WordPress site deployed on the specified IP address. Implement path-based routing using CloudFront behaviors. Despite investing significant time over the past 8 hours, I haven't found a suitable solution. Could someone provide a detailed, step-by-step explanation of how to configure CloudFront to meet these requirements? I appreciate any help or insights you can provide. Thank you!
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