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How can I assign a WordPress blog in network site to a subdirectory of a domain that is not the primary domain

I'm currently running a Wordpress network website with 30 + domains which are all different like example.ta, and domain) etc. Now I want to add one more site but map it to example.ta/de for example. But when I add the site to the network it always redirects to example.ta and ignores the installation on example.ta/de/. The website example.ta/de/ is a clone of a different domain in the network. I did a search and replace in the database for this site but with no luck. When I assign the site to the primary domain of the website it does show the website ( Do I need to change something in the DNS or .htacces to make this work? In the same network there are some websites that work with a subdirectory like, but these installation where added before my time, and before domain mapping became a native function in Wordpress 4.5. I did not find any trace of special rules for these domain in the code or .htaccess.
What is your web hosting control panel? For instance, if you're hosted on cPanel, you can add your domains and de-select the share document option for using the example.ta/de in a directory other than the main domain's directory. Am I understood correctly?

February 4, 2024

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