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GitHub API communication error. Please contact a human [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 3 days ago. Improve this question I am trying to make Github Workflow for my organization but I am getting GitHub API communication error. Please contact a human. error and I am getting proper workflow phpcs errors on logs only not on actual PR. my phpcs.yml workflows configuration file. I am using as reference for my own workflow setup. on: pull_request name: Inspections jobs: runPHPCSInspection: name: Run PHPCS inspection runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - uses: actions/checkout@v3 with: ref: ${{ github.event.pull_request.head.sha }} - name: Run PHPCS inspection uses: rtCamp/action-phpcs-code-review@v3 env: GH_BOT_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GH_BOT_TOKEN }} SKIP_FOLDERS: "tests,.github" PHPCS_SNIFFS_EXCLUDE: "WordPress.Files.FileName" with: args: "WordPress,WordPress-Core,WordPress-Docs" logs which I get from my workflow execution. logs link: "results": { "issues": { "35": [ { "type": "phpcs", "file_name": "php\/work-flow-check.php", "file_line": 34, "issue": { "message": "Tabs must be used to indent lines; spaces are not allowed", "source": "Generic.WhiteSpace.DisallowSpaceIndent.SpacesUsed", "severity": 5, "fixable": true, "line": 34, "column": 1, "level": "ERROR" } }, { "type": "phpcs", "file_name": "php\/work-flow-check.php", "file_line": 34, "issue": { "message": "Inline comments must end in full-stops, exclamation marks, or question marks", "source": "Squiz.Commenting.InlineComment.InvalidEndChar", "severity": 5, "fixable": false, "line": 34, "column": 5, "level": "ERROR" } }, { "type": "phpcs", "file_name": "php\/work-flow-check.php", "file_line": 35, "issue": { "message": "PHP syntax error: syntax error, unexpected token \"}\"", "source": "Generic.PHP.Syntax.PHPSyntax", "severity": 5, "fixable": false, "line": 35, "column": 1, "level": "ERROR" } } ] }, "stats": { "phpcs": { "35": { "error": 3, "warning": 0, "info": 0 } }, "lint": null, "wpscan-api": null }, "skipped-files": { "35": { "issues": [], "total": 0 } } } PR Link: I am expecting phpcs errors and warnings to be shown on PR not as failed workflow logs.
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