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Gatsby ENABLE_GATSBY_REFRESH_ENDPOINT not working as intended

I am building with Gatsby for the frontend and wordpress for headless CMS. when I make a change on my wordpress post, i want the change to reflect in my gatsby page instantly. however, when i make a change, i have to stop and restart the server for the changes to reflect. I have looked through gatsby documentation and added "ENABLE_GATSBY_REFRESH_ENDPOINT" to my env file but it is not working. What am i doing wrongly? Here is the content in my .env at the root of my project directory ENABLE_GATSBY_REFRESH_ENDPOINT=true here is my gatsby-config file import type { GatsbyConfig } from 'gatsby' import * as dotenv from 'dotenv' // see dotenv.config() const config: GatsbyConfig = { siteMetadata: { title: meta.title, description: meta.description, siteUrl: meta.siteUrl, logo: meta.logo, }, // More easily incorporate content into your pages through automatic TypeScript type generation and better GraphQL IntelliSense. // If you use VSCode you can also use the GraphQL plugin // Learn more at: graphqlTypegen: true, plugins: [ 'gatsby-plugin-postcss', 'gatsby-plugin-image', 'gatsby-plugin-sitemap', { resolve: 'gatsby-source-wordpress', options: { url: // allows a fallback url if WPGRAPHQL_URL is not set in the env, this may be a local or remote WP instance. `http://url/graphql`, schema: { //Prefixes all WP Types with "Wp" so "Post and allPost" become "WpPost and allWpPost". typePrefix: `Wp`, timeout: 3000000, }, develop: { //caches media files outside of Gatsby's default cache an thus allows them to persist through a cache reset. hardCacheMediaFiles: true, }, type: { Post: { limit: process.env.NODE_ENV === `development` ? // Lets just pull 50 posts in development to make it easy on ourselves (aka. faster). 50 : // and we don't actually need more than 5000 in production for this particular site 5000, }, Page: { limit: 0, }, MenuItem: { limit: 0, }, User: { limit: 0, }, Tag: { limit: 0, }, }, }, }, { resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-manifest', options: { icon: 'src/images/logo.png', }, }, 'gatsby-plugin-sharp', { resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-sitemap', options: { exclude: ['/thankyou'], }, }, 'gatsby-transformer-sharp', { resolve: 'gatsby-source-filesystem', options: { name: 'images', path: './src/images/', }, __key: 'images', }, 'gatsby-plugin-react-svg', { resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-manifest', options: { name: meta.title, short_name: meta.title, start_url: '/', background_color: 'white', theme_color: '#101C45', display: 'standalone', lang: 'en', icon: 'static/logo.png', description: meta.description, }, }, ], } export default config
By setting ENABLE_GATSBY_REFRESH_ENDPOINT to true in your environment you are enabling a webhook which can be triggered to refresh your site. To test this out, run a local development version of the site, setting the environment variable. Then trigger a refresh by hitting the webhook: curl -X POST http://localhost:8000/__refresh You should see that pages are rebuilt. More details about this can be found here. Now you need to set up a trigger on your Wordpress site which will hit the corresponding webhook on your deployed Gatsby site. See this for details on how this would be done.

January 7, 2024

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