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Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Google\Auth\HttpHandler\HttpHandlerFactory::build()

I have two plugins Analytify and Loginpress. In Loginpress Plugin when I configure my social login as Google (Login as Google), I get following error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Google\Auth\HttpHandler\HttpHandlerFactory::build(): Argument #1 ($client) must be of type ?GuzzleHttp\ClientInterface, Analytify\GuzzleHttp\Client given, called in C:\Users\WPB\Local Sites\analytify-google-login\app\public\wp-content\plugins\wp-analytify\lib\Google-GA4\vendor\google\apiclient\src\Client.php on line 220 in C:\Users\WPB\Local Sites\analytify-google-login\app\public\wp-content\plugins\loginpress-pro\addons\social-login\sdk\google-client\vendor\google\auth\src\HttpHandler\HttpHandlerFactory.php on line 34 I have worked on this by changing the Analytify\GuzzleHttp\Client to GuzzleHttp\Client on which class already declared comes up. The namespaces are added to the analytify plugin using php-scoper and the scoper-inc.php code is: <?php declare (strict_types=1); namespace Analytify; // use Analytify\Isolated\Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder; return [ 'prefix' => 'Analytify', // string|null 'output-dir' => null, // string|null 'finders' => [], // list<Finder> 'patchers' => [], // list<callable(string $filePath, string $prefix, string $contents): string> 'exclude-files' => [], // list<string> 'exclude-namespaces' => ['Google\\', 'Grpc\\', 'Composer\\'], // list<string|regex> 'exclude-constants' => [], // list<string|regex> 'exclude-classes' => [], // list<string|regex> 'exclude-functions' => [], // list<string|regex> 'expose-global-constants' => \true, // bool 'expose-global-classes' => \true, // bool 'expose-global-functions' => \true, // bool 'expose-namespaces' => [], // list<string|regex> 'expose-constants' => [], // list<string|regex> 'expose-classes' => [], // list<string|regex> 'expose-functions' => [], ]; Now I want guidance in the issue that in which plugin I have to resolve the namespace issue and how can I solve the issue within Analytify? When I added namespaces to Loginpress its own functionality breakdown then which is separate issue. Moreover, as I uninstall Analytfiy my Login as Google starts to work fine. But I need both plugins.
The issue was fixed. I first updated the libraries. Secondly I excluded the following namespaces to be namespace in the php-scoper: 'exclude-namespaces' => ['Google\\', 'Grpc\\', 'Composer\\', 'GuzzleHttp\\', 'Monolog\\', 'Psr\\'] Now my plugin has no conflict issue with the Social Login Plugins and issue is resolved.

February 4, 2024

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