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Discount based on WooCommerce product custom input fields

I'm trying to give the user a discount based on a quantity field in the single product page. Basically, the website sells tickets and I have a different price for adults and for children. So I created input fields in the single product page so the user would type how many adults and how many children he is buying for. In the product admin I have a ACF (advanced custom field) for "children discount", so in the cart I want to give this discount based on the amount of children. For example, let's say that for this product the user is buying 5 tickets, 3 for adults and 2 for children, I want to calculate a discount for these 2 children. What I've tried so far: add_action( 'woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button', 'custom_product_price_field', 5 ); function custom_product_price_field(){ echo '<div class="custom-text text"> <p>Quantity of adults:</p> <input type="text" name="qtty_adults" value="" title="Quantity Adults" class="qtty-field"> </div> <div class="custom-text text"> <p>Quantity of children:</p> <input type="text" name="qtty_kids" value="" title="Quantity Kids" class="qtty-field"> </div>'; } add_action('woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees' , 'add_user_discounts'); function add_user_discounts( WC_Cart $cart ){ global $product; $qtty_kids = (float) sanitize_text_field( $_POST['qtty_kids'] ); $discount_per_kid = (float) get_field('children_discount', $product->id); $discount = $qtty_kids * $discount_per_kid; $cart->add_fee( 'Discount for children', -$discount); } Doing this the discount is always $0 Can anyone give me some help on how to make this happen?
Your code is a bit outdated, with some mistakes and there is a lot of missing things to get what you expect… Try the following instead (updated): add_action( 'woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button', 'custom_product_price_field', 5 ); function custom_product_price_field(){ echo '<div class="custom-text text"> <p>'.__("Quantity of adults:").'</p> <input type="text" name="qtty_adults" value="" title="'.__("Quantity Adults").'" class="qtty-field"> </div> <div class="custom-text text"> <p>'.__("Quantity of children:").'</p> <input type="text" name="qtty_kids" value="" title="'.__("Quantity Kids").'" class="qtty-field"> </div>'; } // Add selected add-on option as custom cart item data add_filter( 'woocommerce_add_cart_item_data', 'filter_add_cart_item_data_callback', 10, 3 ); function filter_add_cart_item_data_callback( $cart_item_data, $product_id, $variation_id ) { if ( isset( $_POST['qtty_kids'] ) && $children_discount = get_field( 'children_discount', $product_id ) ) { $cart_item_data['children_discount'] = (float) $children_discount - (float) sanitize_text_field( $_POST['qtty_kids'] ); $cart_item_data['unique_key'] = md5( microtime().rand() ); // Make each item unique } return $cart_item_data; } // Set a discount based a product custom field(s) add_action('woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees' , 'add_children_discount', 10, 1 ); function add_children_discount( $cart ){ if ( is_admin() && ! defined('DOING_AJAX') ) return; if ( did_action('woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees') >= 2 ) return; $discount = 0; // Initialising // Loop through cart items foreach ( $cart->get_cart() as $cart_item ) { if( isset( $cart_item['children_discount'] ) ) { $discount += $cart_item['children_discount']; } } if ( $discount > 0 ) $cart->add_fee( __("Discount for children", "woocommerce"), -$discount ); } Tested and works. Related: Cart item discount based on quantity in Woocommerce 3

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