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Developer How to clean up properly when a wordpress plugin uninstalls

So in a plugin for wordpress that I wrote. I want to improve the plugin removal I realized that in the uninstall process I was removing the custom tables and the options where taken care off automatically, but a custom option that stored the licence key and settings was not being removed. Even worse if the licence was active I wasnt deactivating it. So I created a static accessor to deactivate the licence however I thought what if deactivation fails? How do I correctly report that ? The static accessor throws a WP errow if that happens but how do I notify the user? Keep in mind this is during a plugin deactivation so I don't have general access to plugin methods just wordpress native. Because apparently on Stack Exchange anonmyous people downrate if you dont include code here you go: static function uninstall_plugin(): void { if ( ! defined( 'WP_UNINSTALL_PLUGIN' ) ) { exit; } $users = get_users(); foreach ($users as $user){ delete_user_meta($user->ID,'booking'); $user->remove_role('çlient'); } require_once plugin_dir_path( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . 'includes/Licence.php'; //inside this static function is where a potential error might occur. Licence::__deactivate(); require_once plugin_dir_path( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . 'admin/Database.php'; Database::uninstall(); //remove custom roles remove_role('client'); remove_role('my-plugin-manager'); //remove plugin option. delete_option("my-plugin-option"); }
So the answer to this question is using a hook: $response = $licence->deactivate(); /** * process response to a message ie check for WP_Error etc */ add_action('admin_notices',function ($message){ ?> <div class="notice notice-success is-dismissible"> <p> <?php _e( 'An error occurred during licence deactivation! ', 'vetbook' ); echo "- ".$message; ?> </p> </div> <?php }); So we deactivate and then use the admin_notice hook to post the result. Customise CSS to your heart's content.

December 30, 2023

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