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Deploying React App and WordPress on One CloudFront Distribution with Separate Origins and Behaviors: How-To?

I'm encountering challenges deploying both a React app and a WordPress site on the same CloudFront Distribution domain name while utilizing different origins and behaviors. Here's my setup: I have a static website hosting domain serving a React app from an S3 bucket with a Bucket website endpoint e.g Additionally, I have a WordPress site hosted on another domain. e.g CloudFront Distribution Origins: I've configured the CloudFront distribution with two origins: The S3 static website endpoint: The WordPress domain: Behaviors: In the CloudFront distribution settings, I've set up six behaviors: Five behaviors for React app routes origin: /signin /signup /user/* /forget /resetpassword One default behavior for the WordPress origin: Default(*) Additionally, for any routes not matching the React app routes mentioned above, they will redirect to the WordPress site served from the S3 static endpoint. Cache Invalidation: To handle updates, I've included the following cache invalidations: /resetpassword /user/* /forget /signin /* /signup Issues Faced: Despite the configuration, I'm encountering the following issues: 404 Errors: Initially, I faced 404 errors for React app behaviors (/signin, /signup, /user/*, /forget, /resetpassword). To address this, I added (index.html) as both the Index and Error documents in the S3 Static website hosting configuration. Although this resolved the errors, I still observe 404s in the console. User Page Display Issue: When navigating to pages under the /user/* route, initially, the content appears but quickly disappears after login. I want to understand if my logic and configuration are correct. If so, why am I encountering these issues? If not, how can I effectively deploy both the React app and WordPress site on the same CloudFront Distribution domain name with distinct origins and behaviors?
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